The lifestyle of a digital nomad makes it possible to live the life of your dreams. But if free time is left idle, it is just as possible to dutifully visit the best places in the world without experiencing its wonder. These are meaningful experiences that will undoubtedly help you to leave each location feeling rich and fulfilled.

Ride the waves – Lisbon, Portugal

There are few things come close to the feeling of riding a good wave and even fewer places better than Lisbon to learn how. Carcavelos Beach, just north of Lisbon is famous for turning beginner surfers into wave radicals. Its steady waves and cohort of seasoned surfers are equipped to guide you, help you choose the best surfboard and give you as many lessons as you can enjoy. As a fellow nomader, this is a guaranteed #1 skill that you will not regret learning because surfing just makes life better.

What’s your Flavour? Medellin, Colombia

Notice how a good cup of java can calm the most tempestuous storms for our kind? Those fleeting sips of bliss amid the clickity-clack of keyboards surrounding us is sometimes your only solace when deadlines fast approach. Somehow, the emotions we associate with coffee give us the feeling of comfort and adrenaline at the same time, and a really good cup paired with reliable Wi-Fi is often all it takes to make a good day great.

If this is you, read on… great just got better! Colombia, the world’s largest exporter of the arabica bean, is notorious for its coffee culture from coffee paired desserts to charming cafés to tours of the world-renowned coffee plantations. One of the world’s finest coffee products in the world- the Medellin Supremo Coffee Bean, can be sampled in variations on any of the coveted coffee tours in the area. We highly recommend that you visit any of these plantations and coffee farms along the way where you can taste all the best roasts to find your perfect flavor.

Find your Chi. Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are in need of relaxation and rejuvenation, Chiang Mai boasts over 300 Buddhist temples, including historical landmarks dating back to the 13th century. At the top of the Doi Suthep mountain sits Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the city’s most famous temple. Take yourself on a literal spiritual journey around the city and ultimately calm and centre yourself. For those less inclined to dive into the divine healing of a Buddhist retreat, the other side of the island offers scuba divers one of the most mystical underwater experiences the world has to offer, with clear waters, coral reefs, an array of beautiful fish species and fascinating wrecks which allows divers to explore the remains of sunken ships from World War II.

A date with a hot bird in a tux. Cape Town, South Africa

The African Penguin, a fast dwindling endangered species, is absolutely captivating in its unique way of being. These charismatic beauties, often compared to little men in tuxedos (due of their white chests and black sides), can be found in a colony in Boulders Bay, Cape Town.

They can be seen sunbathing on the boulders, swimming on hot days and gracefully waddling around in all their suited-up glory. Don’t miss a chance to experience their charming character, playful mannerism and feisty nature for yourself. The beach, which is open to the public at a small conservation fee, means it is less likely to be full and more likely to be the perfect beach day.

When in Spain, speak as the Spaniards do. Valencia, Spain

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant new culture, Spain as a nation, with its robust in flavor, color and personality is welcoming and eager to share its way of life with the world. As such the country is filled with opportunities to learn and embrace their way of being. Spanish is the second most widely spoken Native language in the world, with Valencia offering numerously affordable internationally recognized courses that teach the language in fun, memorable ways. Four to five weeks are filled with cultural engagements in some of Spain’s most beautiful locations so why not unleash your inner Spaniard for the next month and learn a new language?

No matter where you and your tech may be, you will be surrounded with fresh, diverse opportunities every day. Open yourself up to the possibilities. The world is your oyster, shuck it and discover the beauty within.