Digital Nomad Visa Hype In Nearly 50% Of Worldwide Destinations Now

Digital Nomad Visa Hype In Nearly 50% Of Worldwide Destinations Now

The World Tourism Organization recently published a study in which 54 destinations were examined. It found that there is a direct correlation between the increase in digital nomads and the availability of visas for them (DNVs) and that destinations around the world are struggling to keep up with demand.

Application procedures, visa duration, taxes, insurance, accommodation, minimum income requirements and criminal background checks are the seven aspects on the basis of which the UNWTO Brief analyzes the DNV programs. It examines the history and current conditions of the digital nomad movement and offers a global study of DNVs in five areas. Key conclusions consist of:

  • Visas for up to one year are available in 47% of destinations.
  • Digital nomads are exempt from tax payments in 39% of destinations.
  • Minimum income requirements are not present in 17% of destinations.
  • Online applications for DNV programs are offered by 76% of destinations.
  • Applications are processed within one month in 80% of destinations.
  • Visa fees for applications are absent in only 6% of destinations.

At the same time, the UNWTO Brief emphasizes the key factors that destinations should consider when introducing or expanding their DNV programs:

Digital Transformation of Destinations: Host destinations recognize the significance of strong connectivity and productivity, prompting investments in resilient digital infrastructure. This includes high-speed internet, co-working spaces, and comfortable accommodations to enhance ideal conditions for remote work.

Harmonizing Work and Lifestyle: Host destinations empower digital nomads to blend work and lifestyle by providing a flexible visa framework. This allows for the creation of workspaces while immersing themselves in the local culture and way of life.

Assessment of Future Impacts: The brief emphasizes the importance of establishing impact assessments for DNV programs as a novel mechanism.

Portugal Takes a Lead in Granting over 2600 Digital Nomad Visas in 2023

Since October 30 last year, when the law introducing digital nomad visas came into force, the Portuguese authorities have issued a total of 2,600 digital nomad visas.

Portugal News reports that Americans, British and Brazilian citizens have benefited the most from this type of visa during this time.

Attorney Ricardo Nascimento recently listed the factors that lead many digital nomads to choose Portugal as their preferred destination.

“Portugal has become an increasingly sought-after destination for digital nomads. The country offers several advantages for these workers, such as a mild climate, a relatively low cost of living, and a rich and diverse culture encompassing history, architecture, gastronomy, and music,” said Nascimento