Digital Nomadism Could Be The Perfect Self-Medication For Your 9-5 Burnout

Digital Nomadism Could Be The Perfect Self-Medication For Your 9-5 Burnout

What was once a common lifestyle before food was readily available on every block, nomadism is starting to rise once again. This lifestyle that demands constant travel is becoming the perfect solution for those who find themselves restless in a constant environment.

Many who have taken to the digital nomad lifestyle have noted how the constant change of scenery, people, and culture is stimulating their brains and allowing them to work at the top of their games. As studies are performed on this group of digital nomads, one obvious attribute has cropped up.

Neurodivergence is a common thread among nomads working the digital lifestyle. For those who are unfamiliar, this term refers to those whose brain works differently than what is considered “typical” of society. Neurodivergence encompasses those with ADHD and ASD.

Those who are diagnosed with ADHD are known to be forgetful, have difficulty concentrating, and are highly impulsive. Digital nomadism has become a form of self-medication for many individuals who are living with ADHD. They are exposed to a new environment, new people, new adventures, and there’s something constantly happening in their lives.

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Psychologist Sonia Jaeger weighed in on the subject, stating that a large portion of the digital nomad community is comprised of neurodivergent individuals. This lifestyle is considered a positive way for those with neurodivergence to soothe their need for constant change and live a mentally fulfilling lifestyle.

Over the recent pandemic years, digital nomadism has skyrocketed as more employment opportunities are going remote. Most who undergo this lifestyle work in the software development, website design and development, writing, and graphic design industries.