Digital Nomads Can Now Obtain A Residency Permit To Work Remotely In Uruguay

Digital Nomads Can Now Obtain A Residency Permit To Work Remotely In Uruguay

Uruguay is a good place to work and live for digital nomads after the country passed legislation permitting digital nomads access to the country. The legislation is a step in the right direction for most remote workers and digital nomads who can now obtain residency permits to work in the country legally.

According to Chris Roe, a global communication coach based in New York City, Uruguay is a good sweet spot between Eastern Europe and the United States West Coast. Roe has been a digital nomad in Uruguay and has praised the country for its perfect work-life balance.

Uruguay has taken steps in recent years to attract more ICT workers by offering a tax regime and pension that is more favorable. The regulatory changes have played a key role in attracting many remote workers and digital nomads to Uruguay. 

The application process for residency in Uruguay is a simple process that is completed via an online form. Applicants are required to sign an affidavit stating that they have the means to support themselves financially and provide their personal information by completing an online form. 

Applicants have the opportunity to apply for an additional six months extension after living in the country for six months. Digital nomads looking for an extension should show proof of a clean criminal record in countries where they have resided for a period of six months or more in the last five years.

Some of the popular cities in Uruguay that are popular destinations for many digital nomads include Punta del Este, Montevideo, and Colonia del Sacramento.

Uruguay has become a popular destination for many digital nomads and the new legislation means that remote workers and entrepreneurs can now relocate and work in the country legally. The friendly people, cuisine, unique art, natural beaches, and laid-back lifestyle make it easy for digital nomads to feel at home.