Discover 5 ‘Magical Towns’ in Mexico’s Nayarit State

Discover 5 'Magical Towns' in Mexico’s Nayarit State

Nayarit is packed with history and breathtaking views, and visitors to this Mexican state have a wide range of small and magical towns to choose from when planning a vacation they will never forget. From islands and lagoons to gorges and valleys, this part of west-central Mexico introduces visitors to hidden gems of all sizes. Here are some of the many unique gems that make Nayarit State such a popular place to visit!


Sayulita’s beaches create a surfer’s paradise. After a long day in the sun, visitors to Sayulita can unwind in one of the town’s many spas and enjoy a tasty meal at one of its wide range of restaurants that suit nearly any palate. Other top choices among visitors to this town include horseback riding, strolling through art galleries, and visit Monkey Mountain


History lovers will find plenty to explore when walking among this historic city’s many monuments. From the Cremison Monastery and Annunciation Latin Parish to Saint Nicholas Church and St. Mary Church for Greek Orthodox, visitors to these historic areas can learn nearly anything there is to know about the historic buildings that made this magical city what it is today. 


The Compostela area’s many beaches and historic sites give this part of Nayarit something for everyone. Visitors to Compostela can enjoy some of the area’s best surfing options, hot springs, spas, and other scenic gems. Coral Island, AltaVista, and the Museum of Archaeology and History are among this town’s top attractions. 

San Pancho

San Pancho’s culture is among the richest in the Nayarit area, and visitors can enjoy a variety of cultural centers and galleries that showcase nearly any aspect of life in this town. Top attractions include the San Pancho House of Art, the La Patrona Polo Club, and the town’s numerous beaches. 

San Blas

The San Blas area’s scenic cliffs make it one of Nayarit’s most breathtaking hidden gems. This town is also home to various historic buildings, canals, islands, and other features that give it something for everyone. 

Add one of these Magical Towns to your next trip to Mexico today!