Dominican Republic open for tourism with free COVID healthcare

Dominican Republic reopening to all tourists - travel restrictions

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.

Tourists wanting to visit only need to complete an online form. No tests or quarantine are required. Also, health coverage for COVID-19 is free in the territory.

Even though there has been a spike in new cases after the holidays, the number of deaths has remained low. The CDC still classifies the country as a level 4 risk.

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Dominican Republic Reopening for Tourism – Latest Updates

January 22 Update

President Luis Abinader announced on January 20 that vaccination programs will start in the coming weeks and that stock is enough to vaccinate all the population with healthcare workers being prioritized. 

Having secured 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines -for it’s 10.7 million residents, the president is confident in the economic recovery.

With this move the government expects to curve the growth in cases seen recently and finally leave confinement and other harsh measures behind.

Who is allowed entry to the Dominican Republic?

Tourists in the Dominican Republic

Visitors from all countries are currently allowed entry for tourism.

Are U.S. Citizens allowed entry for tourism?

Yes. US tourists can visit Dominican Republic without bringing a COVID test or going into quarantine.

Are negative COVID-19 test results necessary to be granted access to the Dominic Republic?

No. Starting on September 15, the government decided to remove this requirement in order to encourage tourists to visit the island.  

Will travelers be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival? 

Since September 15, 2020, COVID-19 rapid tests are performed on randomly selected travelers upon arrival.

Will travelers be screened at airports or other ports of entry? 

Yes, they will. They will likely go through temperature checks and other health screenings. 

Covid-19 cases in the Dominican Republic

Is there any traveler affidavit to submit upon arrival?

Yes. Fill it out here.

Is there a curfew in Dominican Republic?

Since September 27, the country has enforced a nationwide curfew from Monday through Friday from 9 pm to 5 am, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 pm to 5 am.

Is quarantine required in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic does NOT have any quarantine entry requirements at the moment. 

Dominican Republic

Free travel assistance plan – Where is the catch?

Once you arrive in The Dominican Republic the government will provide you with a temporary, free travel assistance plan that provides coverage for emergencies in case you get the COVID-19 infection while in-country. 

The insurance plan includes medical attention by specialists, medical transfers, transfer of a relative, penalty for airfare changes, and lodging for prolonged stays among other benefits for up to US $10,000.

Well, the plan is actually pretty smart. But the catch is that the medical care on the island is limited and some hospitals are currently at or near full capacity. There is also a shortage of ICU beds. The hospital capacity may be an issue in case the second COVID-19 wave keeps increasing. 

Will foreigners be covered after leaving the island?

No. They will not. This plan only covers you while you are on the island, and -only if- you get infected on the island, not if you arrive with the virus.

Since you may not show symptoms on the day of arrival, we recommend you get private insurance before traveling. Here you can find the best private insurance plans that cover COVID-19.

Tourism in the Dominican Republic

What can you do in The Dominican Republic as a tourist?

All kinds of tourist activities are allowed in The Dominican Republic. Here you have a list of places you can visit as of now. 

  • National Parks
  • Natural Monuments
  • Scientific Reserves
  • Ecological Parks 
  • Beaches

These are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  

  • Indoor gyms
  • Religious places
  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • Community stores

These are operating observing the curfew times established to their community. 

What activities are off-limits?

Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to visit public pools, lakes, and rivers. Those remain closed. 

How is the pandemic situation in The Dominical Republic?


Over the last few weeks, there has been a mild spike in coronavirus cases. As of today, The country has officially reported 198,123 positive cases, and 2,470 deaths.