Dubai Celebrates Opening Of A Moon-Shaped Luxury Resort With Space Travel Features

In keeping up with its image as a modern, global city, Dubai announced that a hotel resembling the moon will soon open. This hotel will feature 300 private boutique-style residences and a private club room.

Construction just began on the hotel and will take two years to complete. The architects and designers promise an interstellar, immersive experience for all guests.

When complete, the hotel will measure about 735 feet tall.


Among the amenities, the hotel will include a nightclub, spa, event center and a “moon shuttle.” The project’s developers expect to host 2.5 million guests per year between the villas, event center and other attractions.

The hotel’s decor will include lunar-themed flooring designed to feel like walking on the dusty, cratered surface of the moon.

Organizers haven’t mentioned whether or not the hotel will include a zero-gravity experience or anything else similar to space travel. The hotel’s owners have not announced any pricing details or when guests can begin booking accommodations at the resort.

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Dubai’s tourism ranks among the fastest-growing in the world. Some travel industry analysts predict that the opening of the moon resort could double the annual number of visitors to the city.

If the Dubai hotel reaches its goals, developers have plans to build similar hotels in other nations throughout the Middle East.

For over 60 years, the idea of space tourism has fascinated people all over the world. While a few companies have attempted to get started, most people can’t afford the cost of a space flight.