Egypt to become winter hotspot attracting tourists with huge discounts


With coronavirus cases rising globally amidst a cold winter and a new highly-contagious strain threat, lockdown measures have continued decimating tourism in Egypt almost one year into the pandemic.

In a joint effort to boost the deeply affected tourism industry, Egypt’s Aviation and Tourism ministers have launched a bold strategy called “Enjoy your Winter in Egypt”, an initiative aiming to promote local and international tourism.

The program that initially goes from January 15 to February 28 looks to attract travelers escaping North American and European cold temperatures to their paradise-like 16C-28C/60F-83F degrees. 


The tourism ministry announced that airline ticket prices from Cairo and Alexandria to Luxor will be available at a flat rate of USD $96 (Egp 1,500). Prices to Aswan, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, or Taba should not cost more than USD $115 (Egp 1,800). And tickets to Marsa Alam will be USD $128 (Egp 2,000).

These prices are set after taxes and should benefit both Egyptians and foreigners according to the ministry.

The offer, which will be managed by EgypAir, also includes a 20% discount on all international flights to and from Egypt in an effort to make the strategy more attractive to foreign travelers.

Luxury resort in Hurghada, Egypt

Of course, it would not be an eye-catching initiative without the help of the local hospitality industry. So far, archaeological sites and museums in Egypt’s Qena, Luxor, and Aswan governorates have joined the plan by reducing entry tickets to up to 50%.

Likewise, hotels agreed to offer discounts on accommodations over the duration of the initiative. Names are yet to be confirmed.

Tourism has been one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic restrictions, a fact illustrated in Egypt, which recorded a 70% fall in visitor numbers in 2020. 

The dramatic loss of tourism revenue means it received only $4 billion on tourism money compared to the $13 million earned in 2019. 

With enough tourists passing through and spending money at local hotels, restaurants, and the pyramids, the Egypt government expects to be able to recover from the blow dealt by the pandemic very soon.