Europe’s New No. 1 Travel Destination For Americans Is Not Where You’d Think

Europe Has New No. 1 Travel Destination For Americans

Turkey saw the greatest increase in American visitors, rising by nearly two-thirds (61%) over the same period in 2019. This was 3.5 times higher than Portugal, which followed Turkey as the country with the second biggest growth in arrivals, up 17.4% over the same period last year.

According to the European Travel Commission, Turkey is the destination with the best return, accounting for only -5% of its pre-pandemic visitors in 2019.

Turkey also attracted visitors from other countries. According to the data, British citizens increasingly prefer Turkey for their European vacations, more than a quarter more than in the same period in 2019.

Turkey is considered an excellent travel destination, and as it has eased travel restrictions faster than other European nations, the country’s tourism industry has recovered more quickly.

Compared to other European countries, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro have all decided to relax travel regulations, resulting in an earlier return of tourists.

Many visitors fall in love with this lovely country, which offers a tailor-made experience for all types of travelers and a Mediterranean climate that allows them to visit all year.

american traveler in istanbul

It’s difficult to be disappointed while soaking up the sun on its turquoise water-lined beaches, exploring the ancient ruins, or tasting its traditional foods and delectable desserts.

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest metropolis and the point at which Europe and Asia converge, will be your first visit. It offers mouthwatering cuisine, a Grand Bazaar with more than 4,000 shops, and a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks.

Turkey is so large that you’ll want to leave the city to see the rest of what it has to offer, like the mud baths in Dalyan, the volcanic landscape in Cappadocia, the greatest beaches in Antalya, and ancient wrecks submerged in the sea off the coast of Bodrum.

Update December 31: Recently, one of the villages in Turkey has been ranked by United Nations in the TOP world villages to visit in 2023. Birgi, Türkiye (Turkey) took 31st position in the list of the TOP 34.