Experience Quintana Roo’s Carnival – Where Grandeur Meets Performance

Experience Quintana Roo's Carnival – Where Grandeur Meets Performance

The relaxing beach communities in Cancun and Cozumel turn into exhilarating experiences for tourists as well as locals during Carnival. A colorful, exciting, musical and joyful celebration is done with Latin flavor, filled with excitement, parades, musical performances and carnival rides.

Following your flight and in preparation for the excitement of the Quintana Roo Carnivals, a catamaran and snorkel trip to Isla Mujeres and the colorful El Meco Reef, is the perfect first activity. After your tour, you will have leisure time to explore the Mayan vestiges and enjoy the beautiful island.

In the evening, a musical-filled parade with its participants dressed in bright, colorful extravagant costumes filled the streets of Cancun. Many of the participants toss brightly colored beaded necklaces, hair bands and sweet treats to the audience to add to the joy of the day. After the start of the festivities, the best performances can be found at an open-air stadium. There are participants from the Youth Dance Category of children performing in authentic native costumes, Sexual Diversity Kings performance and Disability Kings performance.

Live entertainment sets the mood for the beautiful ferry ride, on the Mexican Caribbean, from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. Disembark at the beautiful harbor area lined with elegant shops, jewelry stores and lovely cafes. Hotel Melia Cozumel is an all-inclusive resort, with the unique feature of being the only all-inclusive resort located on a white sand beach. It is a wonderful environment for families with a knowledgeable staff that can recommend activities such as snorkeling, ceviche making class, Punta Sur Park Tour and a visit to Pueblo del Maiz.

At Pueblo del Maiz, you are immersed in a reenactment of a Mayan Village with all the participants dressed in authentic costumes and speaking to each other in their native language. They take you through the various activities of daily living, how they shredded leaves to make string for basket weaving, the grinding of cocoa beans to make chocolate, the grinding and preparation of corn for tortillas and the game the villagers played to determine who was going to be sacrificed. 

Following a “step back in time”, a stop at the Anemona de Mar Beach Club Café will expose you to a much different feeling about Cozumel. This side of the island is undeveloped and a great stop at a cafe on the beach for freshly caught ceviche, guacamole and handmade tortillas. On your way back to your hotel stop and visit the lighthouse only 132 steps to the top.

The next stop is the Miranda Morales Family home, now called Casa Mission Restaurant. Their beautiful home with the large verandas that surround the house has become the dining room for all guests to enjoy their homemade food for the last 45 years. The exotic gardens where much of the vegetables and herbs are grown have beautiful tables for guests to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their signature dish is certainly the coconut shrimp but who could say no to fresh sauteed crab claws as an appetizer or the fish which is delivered fresh daily. They even have menus in braille and for individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome (designed in conjunction with their schools). Their menu encompasses Mexican delicacies, under the careful eye of the matriarch and her children, Mediterranean choices, fresh fish and seafood. 

The newest addition to their family is La Mission Restaurant, located in the downtown area. It features the same uncompromised menu and is a shining example of gourmet food prepared with pride and care as if you were family. Don’t miss Mexican Coffee for dessert, which is made tableside with fresh coffee, vanilla, three heated liquors and freshly grated chocolate that culminates in a pure delight to your taste buds.

maluma at cozumel carnival
Maluma at Cozumel Carnival

End your incredible experience with Quintana Roo with an open-air concert featuring the Colombian sensation, Maluma, and the release of his new album Don Juan. No need for chairs from the moment he started singing until almost two hours later the entire audience was on their feet. Just like how the trip started with dancing, parades and musical performances, the end of the trip encapsulated the festive environment of Carnival.