France Tightens Rules for Vaccinated Travelers and Requires Booster

France Tightens Rules for Vaccinated Travelers and Requires Booster

Starting the first week of January 2021, French authorities have announced that stricter COVID-19 restrictions will apply to vaccinated travelers. This new change follows other countries that have similarly changed their policies due to the increased Omicron infection rates.

Along with altering their travel policy, authorities also announced changes in terms of the timeline from vaccine to booster shot. The timeline will be shortened now from four months to three months from the last vaccine dose to the booster shot. 

This change, which first needs to get approved, will make it so only those who have received the vaccine and booster will be considered fully immunized. The rollout also will extend to teenagers who may be at risk if they contract the Omicron variant.

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Stricter national rules will apply from January 3 due to reporting over 100,000 new infection cases only on Saturday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic.

These rules include that those who can work from home must work from home and according to the BBC, public gatherings will be limited to 2,000 persons for indoor events and 5,000 for outdoor events. Mask wearing will be required in city centers and nightclubs will remain closed as well. 

Furthermore, as of January 15, those who wish to gather in public spaces will have to show proof of full vaccination following the above being approved by the French Parliament.

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France’s President, Emmanuel Macron recently stated he wouldn’t impose new rules for EU travelers and despite the new rules set to be put in place, he continues to state that fully vaccinated travelers will be permitted entry to France without having to undergo testing or quarantine requirements.