Frontier Airlines Is Launching A New Unlimited All-You-Can-Fly Pass – What To Know

Frontier Airlines Is Launching A New Unlimited All-You-Can-Fly Pass

The GoWild Pass, is the new all-you-can-fly pass that will be available in 2023.

Although Frontier hasn’t provided enough details, we do know that it will be available in the spring of 2023 and that it will be valid for 12 months for travel that exceeds 300 days in that year.

This suggests that there will be some days when it is not valid for travel, which we assume will be during the times the airline regards to be the busiest.

We also know that the GoWild pass from Frontier offers an unlimited number of flights for the entire pass’s duration and is valid for travel to any of the airline’s destinations.

However, a potentially difficult aspect of the Frontier flight pass model could be hidden in the paragraph in the airline’s email about the new pass, which states ” … you will be able to get confirmed for your flight for your flight the day before you take off …”

Frontier Airplane taking off

If that implies that is the earliest you will acquire a confirmed seat on the flight, then the pass’s utility for those who need to plan their travel more than one day in advance is obviously limited.

Also keep in mind that Frontier charges for pre-assigned seating and full-size carry-on bags, which could increase the cost of using the pass if you have to pay for those extras.

We also do not know exactly how much this pass will cost, other than what Frontier says: “a limited number of passes will be offered at a WILDLY discounted rate”.

An example of how Frontier charges stuff is the Discount Den’s annual membership which costs $59.99 per year + $40 first-year sign-up fee and gives you access to cheaper tickets and an ongoing Kid’s Fly Free promotion (with many restrictions and conditions). In the past, Frontier has also offered a year of premium service for $499.

There are still many unknowns regarding Frontier’s upcoming GoWild flight pass, but what we do know indicates that while it will be valid for any Frontier Airlines destination more than 300 days a year, there will also be some important conditions you should know before deciding if it will be useful for you.