Germany Dropping All Entry Covid Restrictions For Travelers From June 1

Germany Dropping All Entry Covid Restrictions For Travelers From June 1

Starting June 1, 2022, Germany will drop all Covid entry requirements for travelers. The removal of restrictions will be in place until the end of August, “suspending the 3G rule on entry,” according to Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach.

While it is not clear what steps Germany will take after August, it becomes the latest European country to remove all Covid entry requirements. Germany is now the 28th European country who has removed all Covid restrictions. 

As a result of the removal of entry restrictions, those traveling to Germany between June and August won’t need to:

  • Show proof of vaccination
  • Test before or after arrival
  • Undergo any quarantine

Furthermore, since there are no countries on Germany’s high-risk list, their comment about keeping restrictions on ‘high-risk’ countries with suspicious variants is null. Therefore starting June 1, 2022 all visitors will face no restrictions upon entry. 

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For the next few days until the new orders are enacted, current travel restrictions will still be enforced. As a reminder the current restrictions are further detailed below:

  • Show proof of vaccination
  • Proof of recovery or negative Covid test
  • Received booster shot or received their last vaccine dose under 270 days ago 
  • Self-isolation period of five days for those with Covid

Germany’s internal restrictions still remain and travelers still need to wear medical-grade masks on public transport.

It remains unclear what will happen after the summer months as there has been no indication on what the government might do. As they are at the mercy of spikes in cases along with variant growth, they have been quiet for any news.