Hawaii’s new remote working program can get you a free ticket to paradise

Hawaii new remote work program

Like many states, provinces, and countries around the world, Hawaii’s economy has endured substantial setbacks in the wake of the coronavirus.

With Hawaii’s heavy reliance on tourism, the slowdowns in travel have proven the kiss of death for their production, disruption, and consumption of goods.

In the hopes of repairing their economy, Hawaii has crafted a unique solution to their ongoing problem. To entice short-term visitors, state officials are urging people to work remotely from Hawaii.

They’ve dubbed this campaign “Movers & Shakas,” and the new remote work program is designed to entice former residents and those currently telecommuting.

Adding even more intrigue to this offer are the safety protocols that the state is abiding by, the heavenly views promised, and the low rates of COVID-19 infections.

Applicants are required to respect the culture, natural resources, and must help out a local nonprofit organization several hours a week. A complimentary ticket to Honolulu will be granted to the first 50 applicants.

As an attempt to boost more tourism, Hawaii has foregone its mandatory quarantine protocol. However, visitors must still test negative for COVID-19 before entering the state.

These updated regulations proved advantageous, with 8,000 people arriving in Hawaii on the first day of this new system. While these numbers are nowhere near pre-pandemic figures, Hawaii anticipates an upward trajectory now that they’ve launched Movers & Shakas. If you’re wary about pursuing this remote work option, only 18,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported, and Hawaii’s death toll is under 250.