Hong Kong and Singapore opening travel bubble for 200 daily travelers

Singpore Hong Kong Travel Bubble

Singapore and Hong Kong are planning to open a travel bubble that allows up to 200 people to travel between these 2 cities without the standard restrictions.

Visitors traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore will need to get tested before departure.

Visitors traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong will need to get tested before and after departure.

Hong Kong had to delay its reopening due to SPIKE in COVID cases in October. At the moment the situation is stable again and cases are down to a minimum.

Singapore has been taking steps towards reopening and allows already 5 countries to enter without quarantine! Visitors from New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, China, and Vietnam only need to bring proof of a negative PCR COVID test.

The bubble comes with hopes that COVID-19 will slow down and allow life to get back to normal. When travel restrictions are in place, you can feel trapped and as if getting to the next city is impossible.

Depending on the restrictions, you might not be able to leave. Other restrictions allow you to leave if you submit to medical testing.

If you have been watching the news, you know the second COVID-19 wave is here to stay for at least a few months. Singapore has taken steps to reduce the spread by restricting travel among the country.

Many people in the country were unable to leave their homes during the worst parts of the spread.

COVID-19 is coming back and causing damage across the globe, and each country must have a plan in place to protect residents from harm.

Countries base the restrictions they use on the number of cases and how likely they believe the virus is to get out of hand.

If you live in Hong Kong and want to visit Singapore, you can sign up and enjoy a trip without quarantine restrictions. Plan your trip early if you don’t want to lose your spot, and you will be glad you did.