6 Best Hostels in Mendoza for Backpackers 2020

Are you planning a trip to explore a city with your friends, family, or alone? Well, if you’re, then you should definitely visit Mendoza. Ciudad de Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza in Argentina, located in the northern-central part of the province, in a region of foothills and high plains, on the eastern side of the Andes.

Do travelers regularly visit this city? Yes, it’s visited year in, year out by a large number of travelers. Why? It’s very famous because of its beauty and gives you the opportunity to do so many things as well. You can Take a Bike Tour of the Wineries, Stay at a Vineyard, Horseback Riding in the Andes, Paragliding From Cerro Arco, Wander the Peatonal Sarmiento, and so many other things.

The city is filled with positive vibes and you’d love it to the moon and back.

Now, the big question is… Where will you stay? Got unlimited budget? No problem! Got a limited budget? Then it’s a problem!

But, you can still explore Mendoza without spending a fortune. All you have to do is to stay at a hostel. And the hostels of this city are nothing short of a miracle.

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Below we’re revealing the 6 Best Hostels in Mendoza.

So, don’t look away, and keep on reading.

Hostel Internacional Mendoza

HostelWorld (*8.4) Booking.com (*7.7) 

Map Starts at ($9) for 4 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

One of the best hostels of Mendoza with a wonderful location – The Hostel Internacional. The beautiful hostel in a tree-lined area with government offices is located 1 to 3 km from the lively Plaza Independencia, 3 to 5 km from the man-made lake at Parque General San Martin and 9 to 11 km from the El Plumerillo International Airport.

The total number of rooms of this sublime hostel is 76. The rooms are exceptional, very clean, and are equipped with beds of supreme quality. The furniture inside the room is excellent as well. The wall paint is very good, giving an eye-pleasing experience. The bathrooms are magnificent. They are kept clean. You’ll have soap and shampoo available during shower.

The facilities/services given by this hostel are free Wi-Fi, free breakfast (served each morning between 6:25 AM and 10:00 AM), free city maps, free internet access, linens, Air-conditioning, BBQ, bicycle parking, book exchange, card phones, cable tv, cooker, common room (With a Tv), ceiling fan, hot showers, fridge, microwave, reading light, outdoor terrace, outdoor swimming pool, security lockers, laundry facilities, self-catering facilities, utensils, wheelchair friendly, swimming pool, 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, bicycle hire, late check-out, towels for hire, tours, housekeeping, luggage storage, bar, meals available, restaurant, board games, foosball, games room, and pool table.

The staff is super efficient, very friendly, and ready to help you all the time. You can ask them for advice if you’re struggling to explore Mendoza. Moreover, in the common room (Where you’ll meet other travelers), you can make a plan to explore the city together.

The hostel has guests from Brazil, USA, England, Paraguay, and so many other countries.

You won’t find a better place than this hostel… Stay here!

Hostel Suites Mendoza

HostelWorld (*8.2) Map 

Starts at ($6) for 10 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

Are you looking for the comfort of a hotel and fun of a hostel? If you’re, then stay at the Hostel Suites Mendoza. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the real party hostel in the town. The hostel is excellent and has a very good location. It is situated in the core of downtown Mendoza, before the Focal Market and 2 to 4 blocks from Independencia Square, the center of excellent concerts and recreational and cultural activities. Furthermore, in your grasp, you’ll have ATM’s, local shops and eateries close-by.

The stylistic theme at this terrific hostel is super retro, however in a kind of current way: think oranges and limes and those sorts of hues, and late 1960s-style lampshades and things like that.

The rooms are nothing short of excellence. The sublime hostel has private rooms and dorms. They are equipped with comfortable beds. You will find the rooms clean all the time. Plus, the bathrooms are amazing as well. They are kept clean. Excellent for taking a shower. They are equipped with everything you need.

The facilities/services of this hostel are free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, linens, free internet access, Air-conditioning, BBQ, common room, outdoor terrace, security lockers, self-catering facilities, 24-hour reception, luggage storage, towels for hire, tours, and bar.

Let’s take a look at the policies of this hostel. Credit cards? Accepted. Curfew? No. Taxes? Not Included.

The hostel is hosting guests from so many countries. Some of the countries are Germany, India, Netherlands, and Colombia.

The check-in time starts at 2 PM. And the check-out time is 10 AM.

Hostel Internacional Campo Base Mendoza

HostelWorld (*9.1) Map 

Starts at ($6) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

Is there a better hostel for backpackers with a limited budget? Well, there’s only one – The Hostel Internacional Campo Base. It is ideal for backpackers who are traveling with a limited budget. If you’re concerned about the location of this hostel, then don’t be. The location is excellent. You will be in the heart of the city, and just at a small walking distance from everything you need. The hostel will be in front of the Independencia Square.

This hostel is great for making new friends. The mood around the place is so good. So many people have made new friends during their stay at this hostel. And then they go out together to explore Mendoza which also saves money.

Worried about the rooms? You shouldn’t be. They are excellent, clean, and have comfortable beds for a good sleep. The bathrooms are very good too. The hostel makes sure that they are cleaned regularly. The guests have enjoyed taking shower because of excellent water pressure.

What are the facilities/services of this hostel? Well, at this hostel you’ll have free breakfast (From 7 AM to 10 AM), free Wi-fi, free city maps, linens, free internet access, adaptors, book exchange, common room, self-catering facilities, BBQ, cable tv, fridge, bicycle parking, ceiling fan, hot showers, utensils, 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, travel desk, luggage storage, late check-out, towels for hire, bar, and board games.

The check-in time starts at 12 PM. The check-out time is 10 AM.

The policies of this hostel include: Curfew, age restriction, and credit cards are accepted.

Hostel Lao Mendoza

HostelWorld (*9.0) Map 

Starts at ($10) for 4 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

Another wonderful hostel of Mendoza – The Hostel Lao. It is an award-winning hostel. This place is quite brilliant. The location is terrific as well. The beautiful hostel is located right in the center of Mendoza. The unique hostel is 2 to 3 blocks from the main street of Mendoza and 4 to 6 blocks from the bus station. The Lodging is a delightful old house that has been redesigned yet at the same time feels homely and agreeable. The inn is kept running for explorers; its laid back and fun.

The rooms are extraordinary. They are kept clean. There are six-bed dorm rooms and doubles. Each bed is a genuine mattress and has an incredible pillow… Enough to give you a perfect sleep! There is one restroom for every six residence beds. Plus, the bathrooms won’t give you a single issue. They are clean and have everything you’d need.

The facilities/services of this hostel include: Free Wi-Fi, free city maps, linens, free internet access, towels, adaptors, bicycle parking, cable tv, outdoor terrace (Which is the unique highlight of this hostel), self-catering facilities, Air-conditioning, book exchange, common room, safe deposit box, BBQ, hot showers, security lockers, housekeeping, luggage storage, towels for hire, wake-up calls, laundry facilities, tours, tea and coffee making facilities, board games, and DVD’s.

Lagares Hostel Mendoza

HostelWorld (*9.4) Booking.com (*8.9)

 Map Starts at ($14) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

This is a sublime and easily one of the best hostel of Mendoza. You will be in the heart of Mendoza when you’re staying at this beautiful hostel. The terrific hostel is located in the historic center of the city, 2 to 3 blocks from the main avenue San Martin. When you’re at this hostel, you can also locate the wide way Alameda encompassed by vast trees, bloom vendors, little bars and eateries that give it an extraordinary environment. In the neighborhood of this posh hostel, you can discover numerous shops close by, for example, grocery stores, banks, and cash trade, all in your grasp.

The staff focus on the subtleties, so the lodging remains spotless and fun. It’s the ideal place after a tiring day. They can likewise enable you to organize any number of visits and exercises in the zone. They know the best wineries and can assist you to organize the majority of your travel subtleties. Moreover, the lodging has a decent porch and a grill region where you can spend time with companions. There is also a terrific movie room on the off chance that you need to simply rest and enjoy for some time.

The facilities/services of this hostel are free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free parking, free city maps, linens, free internet access, Air-conditioning, cable tv, hot showers, safe deposit box, steam room, security lockers, meeting rooms, ceiling fan, BBQ, book exchange, common room, outdoor terrace, self-catering facilities, 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, luggage storage, towels for hire, tea and coffee making facilities, bar, cafe, and DVD’s.

Hostel Alamo Mendoza

HostelWorld (*8.7) Booking.com (*8.8)

 Map Starts at ($10) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (March)

Another great hostel – The Hostel Alamo. The location of this hostel is quite good. It is strategically placed in the core of downtown Mendoza, only a couple of squares from the principal shopping and eating region. Actually practically around the bend, you’ll see one of the city’s most up to date and biggest stores, a bank, web and phone cafes, a laundry facility, trinket shops, and a corner store.

If you’re coming by car, then this hostel is just a short ways from el Parque San Martin, a little ways from the transport terminal and 14 to 16-minutes from Mendoza’s Francisco Gabrielli Air terminal (some time ago El Plumerillo).

The rooms are magnificent, clean, and are equipped with quality beds and A/C. The bathrooms are terrific as well. You will find them spotless. Furthermore, you’ll get a terrific shower.

This hostel is great to meet other backpackers as well.

The facilities/services of this hostel include: Free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free city maps, free parking, linens, free internet access, towels, adaptors, Air-conditioning, BBQ, cable tv, common room, hot showers, security lockers, book exchange, ceiling fan, hair dryers for hire, outdoor terrace, safe deposit box, swimming pool, self-catering facilities, reading light, outdoor swimming pool, card phones, bicycle parking, 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, airport transfers, currency exchange, late check-out, bicycle hire, postal service, ATM, housekeeping, luggage storage, tea and coffee making facilities, DVD’s, and games room.


These hostels, without a doubt, are perfect for travelers. You won’t find a better place to stay during your trip to Mendoza. And after perceiving the above list, you can easily pick the right one for yourself. All of these hostels are amazing and very unique in their own way.

What does a traveler want in a hostel? A good location, excellent facilities, and services, right? Well, the above hostels have all of them and they must be the only place where you should be staying.

Our advice is very simple… If you opt for another hostel, then bear in mind you’ll face problems. You won’t get facilities/services like these hostels.

Have you found a cheaper hostel than them? Well, let us tell you that these hostels are cheaper too. They are easy on the pocket and are way better than all the other hostels in the town. Don’t waste your money by picking any other hostel.

So, pack your stuff, fly to Mendoza, enjoy your time in this beautiful city, and stay in these extraordinary hostels.