How To Compensate For Your Delayed U.S. Flights

How To Compensate For Your Delayed U.S. Flights

Anyone who travels regularly has probably experienced a canceled or delayed flight—and if they haven’t, they will eventually. The good news is that Department of Transport regulations mean U.S. airlines have to refund you for canceled flights even if you purchased a nonrefundable ticket.

American Airlines

American defaults to rebooking passengers on the next available flight. However, travelers who request a full refund through the website can expect it to arrive within seven business days.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska’s ticket cancellation page will guide you through the refund process. Though cancellations always entitle you to refunds, short delays might not.

Delta Air Lines

If your flight is delayed for under 2 hours, you’re eligible for rebooking or an eCredit. Cancellations or longer delays make you eligible for a full cash refund.

JetBlue Airways

Airbus A320 JetBlue

A delay of 61–119 minutes means you can travel on the next available flight or get a flight credit.

You’re entitled to a full cash refund for cancellations or delays that surpass 2 hours. The airline might offer further compensation if the flight is canceled within 4 hours of its planned departure.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

Southwest offers full refunds in response to cancellations and notable delays. You can request a refund through the airline’s website.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit’s website allows you to get a full refund in case of a cancellation or significant delay. The refund should arrive in your account within 20 business days.

United Airlines

With United, you have several options: a different flight, a travel credit, or a full refund. The refund, like refunds from Spirit, could take up to 20 business days.