The design of your dream vacation needs time, patience, and organizing. Time management, as well as bookings, necessary actions, and on-site plans all require your full attention and your organizing skills. Luckily, you can always rely on your good-old calendar to plan every step of your vacation and have some fun in the process.

It All Starts with the Right Calendar

You may wonder why we would recommend the use of a printable calendar instead of a digital solution or an app. Did you ever imagine how the explorers of the old felt holding those rugged maps in their hands, checking their compasses, and genuinely having chills on their spine thinking of the future discovery or adventure?

For the seasoned traveler with an explorer’s nostalgia and a taste for all things genuine, a printable calendar is what you need to have and use when planning the perfect vacation. Schedules do not waste batteries and do not require upgrades, just like maps.

With this mindset, go to CalendarTable and pick the best printable calendar that matches your vacation plans. Do not forget to check out specific holidays in the month you decided to travel. If you take a vacation in your country, the holiday calendar will help you make more complex holiday plans and even avoid some dates that see severe boosts in traffic.

Now that you picked your calendar get your hands on some pens highlight markers, and let us see how to use this great tool to plan your vacation each step at a time.

1. Save the Dates

On your printable calendar, mark the date of departure and that of arrival. Now that you have these two points of reference, you can work around them. Circle in the calendar those days before you have to leave when you also have chores to accomplish. Write down things like:

  • Passport renewal (if you plan to go to another country);
  • Airplane tickets and online check-in;
  • Medical visit;
  • Shopping;
  • Other papers, fees, taxes;
  • Car check-up and fueling (if you plan a road trip);
  • Packing, etc.

In this stage of your planning process, do not forget to write on the calendar the hours and some specific things you have to do in those circled days. If you dedicate the same day to more than one activity (pick up travel papers and check the security of your home), make sure you mark the hours on the calendar with different colored pens.

If you travel with your family or friends, your calendar will become a real operation center. Put in in the kitchen, circle the dates when the other members of the family have to solve some tasks of their own, mark down the hours, and scratch off the jobs as people complete them.

This way, you will keep track of everyone’s actions that lead to your fantastic vacation when the time comes.

2. Craft Your Own Travel Agency at the Destination

If you plan trip months, you are likely to forget a few details. You know you booked a private tour at the destination but was it on Monday or Wednesday? Keep the calendar close and write down on it the things you intend to do once you arrive at the destination. If you have reservations and bookings in advance, do not forget to mention them as well, together with essential to-dos, hours, and other details. Here are a few examples

  • September 16th: arrival, hotel, rest, walk around the resort;
  • September 17th: desert ruins & castle visit (tickets in the backpack); 1 p.m., don’t forget water; sand boots;
  • September 18th: leisure day. Evening concert (travel cards in the bag); 8 p.m., change money small bills.

For each day of your trip, circle the date, write down all the things you need to do to make that day memorable, note the mandatory stuff you should not forget, and leave room for modifications once you arrive at the destination. You may want to switch the activities on Monday with those on Tuesday due to unforeseen reasons, like the weather.

Keeping a calendar close – in the hotel room’s kitchen or on your bed stand – allows you for better planning and on the spot reorganizations, depending on how you feel about some activities. You may take down some visits and replace them with other forms of entertainment. While planning a vacation systematically helps you reach your goals, you still have to leave room for spontaneity and changes of mind.

If you travel with the kids, you will probably make plenty of modifications on your calendar once you arrive at the destination. It is the fun part, of course. However, keep the schedule as a daily reminder that you still need to visit that museum, even if you pushed the date a little.

3. Use the Calendar as the Diary of Your Vacation

As the departure moment approaches, you can still add some tasks and plan some activities while you are still there. A day before you leave, you should note down the things you have to do: return the car to the rental company, pay the room service, and go shopping for the last souvenirs, pack, and so on.

However, after such a glorious vacation you had, it would be a shame to leave the calendar behind. Take it home with you and display it together with the best pictures you took during the holiday. It will work as a beautiful and whimsical reminder of the things you did, wanted to do but did not, and the things that found your way in the schedule even if you had not planned them at home.

Kids will love such keepsakes, especially if they are young enough to morph this trip with the parents into an adventure to talk about all year from now on.

Keeping the calendar will also help you plan your next summer’s vacation, as now you have better time management skills, and you know how to insert and balance the unforeseen in your otherwise perfect plan. The calendar will be your best guide and “treasure map” if you are a female solo traveler going to one of those ideal destinations for you. If you travel with friends and family, things might be a bit crowded, so make sure each companion uses a particular type of colored pen. Nevertheless, the printed calendar is exactly what you want for an unforgettable vacation.