How to Stay Productive while Working and Traveling

For some people, working and traveling is a match made in heaven. Take the example of digital nomads who are wandering the highways and byways of the world and building successful careers at the same time. For others, however, even short business trips can turn into stressful ordeals.

Maintaining productivity is a challenge and work often suffers due to inadequate conditions. Indeed, working at a beach bar while dipping your toes in turquoise water may sound great but rest assured that it is not. So, here is how to stay on the right tracks and get the best of both worlds.

Resist the magnetic pull

It takes some time getting used to working on the go. Namely, handling tasks and obligations remotely always changes your habits and the main problem is that there is not much room for trial and error.  When you change scenery and feel the excitement of traveling, the impact on your work habits can go both ways.

To navigate such situations with winds in your sails, you have to act less like a tourist and more like a working man. The allure of a new destination is strong and there is no shortage of possible distractions. We all crave for new thrilling experiences that wait just beyond our doorsteps. 

Getting organized

Hence, planning is pivotal to staying on top of business requirements. It facilitates the process of striking a fine work-life balance, which should be your top priority. Therefore, get into the art of organization and figure out your daily schedule.

Many successful businessmen establish morning routines and get the most important obligations out of the way. This makes sense because the destinations are less crowded and hot early on, and Internet less used. Not everyone is a morning lark, though, so see what works for you.

A journey of myriad little steps

When circumstances are not working to your advantage, turn your attention to less intensive and demanding work. In other words, allocate the right task to the right moments. For example, during long hours behind the wheel you cannot work, but what about back to back calls?

It is the little things you do every day that set you on the fast tracks to future success. Thus, build your routines around work obligations. Bear in mind that if you have clients across time zones, that also influences your daily patterns. Furthermore, freelancers who are new to the world of working and traveling should consider turning down some projects and focusing on well-paying gigs.

In any event, do not leave anything, including leisure to chance. Do thorough research and discover which restaurants, attractions, public transportation and places you want to visit. It is also fine to immerse in local life a bit and search for hidden local gems.

Having fun while at it

The beauty of sound planning is that it allows you to squeeze in some fun and use your time efficiently. This can help you melt the stress away and avoid the burnout. Then again, you’ll probably have to spend a better part of your day working, so a hangover should be out of the picture.

Set goals for each day as well as for a particular destination. Learn to say no to fun, skip some activities and keep your nose to the grindstone. And whenever you choose to party, you ought to play it smart. There is quite a bit of self-discipline involved here and if that is not your strong suit, you may want to steer away from destinations that are famous for their nightlife.

Base of operations

This brings us to the point of finding the best possible work environment, which enables you to get into the zone and nail your daily tasks. An overcrowded café with the spotty Internet is obviously not an ideal option, but neither is a hotel bed. On the other hand, coworking spaces pose a viable alternative as they pop up across the globe and welcome travelers.

If you find yourself in the Land Down Under, for instance, you should not have trouble finding a suitable coworking space in Sydney. Over the course of my career, I visited a couple of these bustling hubs and met a lot of inspiring people. You as well have a chance to get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs who can motivate you to attack that daily workload mercilessly. 

Tools of the trade

Wherever you choose to go, technology is your greatest ally and the Internet the air you breathe. A typical work-and-travel arsenal consists of a laptop, a portable charger and a handful of software platforms like Skype, etc. Also, many people utilize online collaboration tools such as Slack to stay in touch with clients and business goings-on.

One of the most important things to do in any place is to ensure that there is a solid internet connection. Think about a backup mobile internet solution because you never know when you are going to encounter connection problems. It is always a good idea to prepare for the unexpected hiccups and setbacks in advance: in theory, you’ll always have enough time, but the practice is much less forgiving.

Sharpen the work edge

Work and travel lifestyle is a double-edged sword. It is certainly far from a perfect storm of circumstances that benefit your business endeavors. Like it or not, the key is to balance work and fun. You might not be able to enjoy both, but it pays off if you manage to blend them into a perfect mix.

Of course, you have to put business before anything else. Mindset is half a battle, but to win a war, you need proper tools and the right headquarters. Find you work sanctuary even amidst chaos and keep distractions at bay. Do not let productivity fly out of the window and swing the doors open for good work habits. 

Author’s BIO: David Webb is a Sydney based business consultant and online marketing analyst.  With six years of experience and a degree in online business strategy, he is driven to help the people in better understanding of this new digital age. In free time, David enjoys writing, traveling and occasional night out with his friends.