Indonesia Has Added 12 More Countries To Its Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) Program

Indonesia Has Added 12 More Countries To Its Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) Program

The Indonesian government has expanded the scope of its Visa on Arrival (VoA) program, which previously applied only to citizens of 60 countries. The new expansion took effect on May 30.

The new countries include Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Jordan. Citizens from 72 countries can now enter Indonesia through nine airports, 11 seaports and four border posts under the program.

A visitor must be a citizen of one of the 72 participating countries to be eligible for a visa on arrival.

Conditions and requirements:

  • The VoV is for tourism purposes only
  • Works for a single entry
  • Does not provide residency
  • Must be purchased in the arrival hall before queuing at the immigration counters
  • Cost IDR 500,000 (ca USD 35 or AUD 50)
  • Passports need to be valid for at least another 6 months
  • The passenger must be in possession of a returning ticket
  • Can be extended ONCE, while in Bali for another 30 days
  • Other visa types cannot be applied for once you enter with a Visa on Arrival
bali international airport
Bali International Airpoirt

This year, Bali will host a number of important international conferences, including the G20 Summit. Last week, the island hosted the United Nations Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The Bali government will be keen to remove any potential obstacles for visitors, delegates and support teams as it opens its conference centers and event spaces for these major events.

Note that both Russia and Ukraine were included in the Visa-on-Arrival program, and there has been much online discussion about this decision. Although Ukraine is not a member of the G20, Indonesian President Joko Widodo invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

Jokowi has also kept President Putin’s invitation to the G20 summit.

Although the U.S. has made it clear that Putin and Russia are not welcome, the Indonesian president was quoted as saying that he wants Indonesia to be able to unite the G20 and promote peace and stability.