Is Aruba Island Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Is Aruba Island Safe To Visit? Travel Advisory 2024

Travelers will be glad to hear Aruba is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. 

In fact, the United Nations and the UK Foreign Office have recently designated it as one of the safest getaways for travelers in 2024. 

Its stunning beaches, delicious food and modern infrastructure, which can compete with first-world countries, are also a draw for international tourists looking to make the most of their tropical holidays. 

LATEST NEWS from Aruba:

March 13 – Aruba issues an environmental alert after neighboring Bonaire sees its shores threatened by an oil spill

An oil spill is about to reach the mangrove forests and national parks of Bonaire. Authorities are concerned because this island is just 189 km away from Aruba. 

This potential ecological threat has prompted the government to issue an environmental alert.

As per Rino Hermans, director of Aruba’s Crisis Management Office (CMO), “We have divided Aruba’s territory into four sections so each department is monitoring,” he told Reuters. During the interview, he also assured the country is working to protect its beaches and turtle nesting areas from potential risks. 

To achieve this goal, Aruba has formed a cleanup team made up of 60 local workers who are ready to tackle the issue. 

Crime Statistics in Aruba

With only two cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Aruba’s homicide rate is rather low.  This represents a score of just 24.15 points, according to statistics retrieved from Numbeo.

Let’s take a look at other statistics that may help you make an informed decision when considering traveling to Aruba.

Crime rate24.15Low
Crime rates in the past 3 years58.12Moderate
Burglary and theft at home31.33Low
Concerns about being mugged or robbed24.17Low
Concerns regarding vehicle theft 24.77Low
Concerns about getting your belongings robbed from vehicles36.97Low
Concerns about physical assault20.62Low
Concerns about verbal abuse25.00Low
Concerns about being subjected to physical attack based on skin color, ethnicity, gender, or religion18.29Very Low
Worries of being attacked by people using or selling illegal drugs50.62Moderate

Areas to Avoid

Aruba is one of those places where you don’t need to worry about the areas you should or shouldn’t visit.

However, in recent times, authorities have recommended increasing caution when visiting San Nicolas and remote beaches, especially at night. Visitors should be especially careful during major local festivities when lots of people gather together to celebrate. This increases the risk of getting pickpocketed.

Official Travel Advisories

U.S. Travel Advisory

According to the American government, Aruba ranks at level 1. This means visitors should only take normal precautions when in town.

This happens because violent crime is nearly non-existent in Aruba.

Canada Travel Advisory

The Canadian government requests its citizens exercise “normal security precautions” when visiting the island. 

Although the risk is low, they warn travelers that crime rates tend to increase from January to March when national celebrations take place in the country.

Additionally, they encourage Canadians to get vaccinated against rabies if they plan to get in close contact with the island’s wildlife.

Safety Tips for Aruba

Since no trip is completely risk-free, follow these tips to have a safer trip.

  • Don’t drink too much alcohol since it makes you an easy target for thieves.
  • Solo travelers should be especially careful when visiting San Nicolas and its red-light district.
  • Try to never leave your belongings unattended when enjoying a day at the beach.
  • Don’t use ATMs at night or in secluded neighborhoods. 
  • Keep in mind that topless or nude sunbathing is forbidden across the island.
  • Plastic bags are banned. So, don’t use them.
  • Keep in mind that it is illegal to disturb the island’s wildlife.
  • Always carry some local currency, as some businesses do not take credit or debit cards.