Is Houston Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

Is Houston Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

Houston, Texas is situated in the southeast part of the state and near the coastline. It is known as home to me any prominent businesses and the organization NASA.

Many large cities have challenges with safety, and Houston, which is one of the largest cities in the country, is no exception to that. As a major presence in Texas, the city near the coast has for years been a growing metro area.

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Crime Data from NeighbourhoodScout

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Neighborhoods in the Houston Area

In any large or small city, there are certain neighborhoods that are better or worse than others when it comes to crime and safety.

Houston is no exception to that. It is important to know which sections of the metro area are safe or not. And people should be extra cautious when they are in high-crime neighborhoods.

10 most dangerous neighborhoods in Houston (according to Property Club data)

  1. Sunnyside
  2. MacGregor
  3. Sharpstown
  4. Greenspoint
  5. Far North
  6. Northeast
  7. Northwest
  8. East End
  9. Sugarland
  10. Pasadena

Gang and Related Activity

Houston, as is true for many large cities these days, has a challenge with a gang presence. That invites many challenging activities and crimes. So residents and visitors of Houston should pay attention at all times and if possible not go to areas where there is a known gang presence. Activities such as gang-related crimes can be worse at certain times of the day or week.

Vehicle Safety

It is essential to consider safety at home as well as while away from home and traveling. In Houston, there are increasing incidents of serious issues like road rage.

There are also car break-ins and theft. Anyone using one’s own personal vehicle or a rental vehicle should be extra cautious. That includes keeping all windows closed and doors locked, and not keeping any valuable items in a vehicle.

Safety for Women

Women face an overall medium risk when it comes to safety in Houston. One of the best ways to work around any safety and crime risks is for women to not travel alone, and to travel with at least one other person.

Public Transportation

Many people use public transportation in Houston. They travel by bus, train, taxi, rideshare, and rental car. Travelers should be vigilant about being aware of their surroundings when traveling.

Terrorism Risks

Many large cities these days are at increased risk for terrorist activity to occur. Houston is unfortunately a city like that. So residents and visitors to Houston should be informed about the specific risk level at all times.

Natural Disasters

Because it is near the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay, Houston can often be a prime area for hurricanes and other natural disasters to occur. So the weather is a serious safety concern. Hurricanes mainly occur between June and November. Residents and visitors to Houston should pay close attention to weather forecasts and be well prepared for hurricanes. In some situations, it is best to evacuate the Houston area when a hurricane is approaching.

Overall Safety

Houston overall has a long way to go when it comes to becoming safer. There are many crimes occurring, and safety is increasingly a concern. Specific crimes, such as assault, robbery, and vandalism are on the rise in Houston. While crime is increasing in recent years, it is everyone’s job to contribute to Houston being a safer place.

Houston is a great place to call home and an area where there is much to do and see for travelers. There are some safety challenges, so it is important to asses the risks and stay aware. Knowledge is power, so those can be great strategies for averting many safety concerns. Everyone can do his or her part to make Houston a safer and more enjoyable place to reside or travel.