Is it safe to travel to Florida right now?


Florida isn’t considered a very safe place to visit during COVID-19 but not all Florida counties are considered unsafe. Miami Dade, Broward, Volusia and Hillsborough are the most affected places at the moment.

Update – April 3

Some counties in Miami are experiencing a severe COVID-19 outbreak especially in the Dade area. Cases have been steadily increasing over the last couple of weeks. The hospitalized patients and the death toll also remain very high.

Everything suggests that the limitation that Gov. Ron DeSantis has enforced on local governments forcing them not to add extra precautions than the state’s has played a role in the outbreak. (Source)

In order to keep safe, the Florida Department of Health encourages locals and tourists to follow what they call the 3 C’s, avoid Close spaces with poor ventilation, avoid Crowded places and avoid Close-range one on one chats. 

Update – February 16

Florida remains the 3rd most infected state in the US but the situation is gradually getting better in the last few weeks.

The current daily rates are down to 5000-7000 daily cases in the last 7 days.

U.S. Government is considering a domestic travel ban for Florida but according to the latest news and statements of Florida’s Governor, Desantis, it is unlikely to happen.

Current COVID statistics in Florida

Florida has reported 2,071,015 positive COVID-19 cases and 33,608 deaths caused by the virus.

Below, the 11 most impacted counties in Florida sorted by new cases over the last 7 days.

Most affected counties in Florida
Most affected counties in Florida

In general, the CDC follows a very cautious approach to interstate traveling since the beginning of the pandemic. In their words, it is a lot safer to stay home as much as possible. 

Why visit Florida in COVID times?


First and foremost – Florida has no entry restrictions!

Florida is an internationally recognized destination due to its Theme Parks and tropical weather. Travelers who love going to theme parks will never go wrong with Florida. In COVID times, when traveling has to some extent become a hustle, especially for people traveling with kids, Florida stands as one of the best destinations to look into in 2021.

Only the fact that American citizens and residents do not need a passport and don’t have to deal with international (sometimes inconsistent or unknown) airport rules and restrictions, makes this destination a good choice to escape to in spring 2021.  

Florida’s Health Care System and Response Capacity

Florida’s Health Care System

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive, worldwide disruption. In addition to the millions infected and the hundreds of thousands killed, the virus has disrupted economies across the globe.

According to local media, Florida may be hiding the real pandemic situation. “At this point, it’s endangering people,” says Ryan Panchadsaram, former data official in the Obama administration. “We’re now in the third wave, and I think our only way out is really open, transparent and actionable information.”

Florida has no travel restrictions in place as of today. However, The Florida Department of Health -recommends- wearing face masks if social distancing is not possible and avoid public gatherings of more than 10 people. 

These are recommendations, though. You will not be fined if you do not comply with them.  

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