Is It Safe to Visit Las Vegas Now?


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Nevada is considered a safe place to visit during the COVID pandemic if you follow the rules and restrictions. The risk of getting or spreading the virus remains very high.

Decisions to limit the business’s capacity to 25% are expected to be enough to ensure an environment where you could safely enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer.

These restrictions were extended until the January 15th at least.

Governor’s tweet from January 6

What do US authorities think about people visiting Las Vegas?

The CDC advises against most types of interstate leisure trips. According to their epidemiological map Nevada’s positive cases are not among the highest in the country, but they are not among the lowest either. 

The Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, has issued an official statement announcing the necessary measures to keep Las Vegas economy going while ensuring the safety of locals and visitors.

The new policies, which will be in place for three weeks, include a reduction of the capacity of bars, restaurants, casinos, gyms and other businesses to 25%, or 50% for retail and grocery stores. Additionally, there will be a limit of 50 people on public gatherings or 10 if it’s private.

The Governor has also stated how personal responsibility is necessary to keep oneself and others safe. To ensure the cooperation of the public, he has made face coverings mandatory on indoor and outdoor spaces.

Why visit Las Vegas in COVID times?

Because Nevada is not only about Las Vegas. We are aware that from November 24 onwards, most of what happens in Vegas -will actually- stay in Vegas due to the restrictions. 

But we still have the chance to visit the Grand Canyon National Park, go backcountry camping and do river sports. Remember to pack for the chilly weather as temperatures are dropping.

Those activities have some restrictions but they are still open for business.

There are other places that will not have to adhere to new restrictions such as

  • Shopping centers
  • Spas
  • Massage establishments
  • Body art or piercing establishments
  • Community and recreational centers

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Las Vegas’s Health Care System and Response Capacity

Well, we cannot bury our heads in Nevada’s sand. The hospital’s capacity in the State is currently overwhelmed.  

On November 19, the Nevada Hospital Association reported that hospitals were more crowded than ever seen during this pandemic. 

Of course, not all counties are this affected. “Washoe and Clark counties currently account for 97% of all hospitalizations.”

COVID-19 situation in Nevada

January 7 Update

Daily rates spiked up in Nevada during Christmas but seems like infectious rate has been declining in last few days.

December 8 Update


A few weeks ago, the government took a series of measures to prevent infection and to slow transmission of COVID-19 . As data on the next chart show (November 24), these actions neither have managed to flatten the infection curve nor reduce the death toll.

Before taking those actions, the state was reporting 1,476 positive cases and 9 deaths per day. Now, the state is reporting 1,832 cases and 14 daily deaths. It’s understandable that the local authorities will not ease their restrictions for the time being.

COVID-19 situation in Nevada

November 24 Update

COVID-19 situation in Las Vegas - Nevada

Battle Born Medical Corps is an initiative created by Governor Sisolak’s Emergency Directive 011 back on April 1, 2020 to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are a local healthcare administrator, student practitioner, international medic who got your licensure outside of the US, or a health care retiree you can apply to help relieve the medical personnel in need at

But, if you are only a visitor looking to enjoy Las Vegas for a few days, we encourage you to get health insurance that covers COVID-19 today more than ever. 

Maybe in the future you might not need it, but today, we think it’s your best bet.

COVID Restrictions in Las Vegas 

Is is safe to visit Las Vegas - COVID-19

Reno Stead Airport is not controlled by the local government but it is federally regulated.

Make sure you bring a face mask to board the aircraft. Beware of not bringing those with holes in the covering, exhalation valves or homemade ones because you may not be allowed boarding. authorities may not allow you boarding.

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