Is It Safe to Visit Puerto Rico During COVID-19?


Not entirely without risk. 

We understand, we miss Puerto Rico too. The food, the beaches, the dancing and that sense of being among family. More often than not we also feel the impulse of booking a trip and escaping to the island.

But, is it safe to do so? We think It may be safe if you follow all the protocols the local government is currently enforcing. It’s up to you to make the final decision after reading the info we have put together for you.

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How traveling to Puerto Rico looks like according to the CDC and the US authorities

Puerto Rico safe to visit

Puerto Rico has faced more than its fair share of challenges this 2020. Natural disasters, social unrest and the pandemic being at the top of them. The spirit of the island remains, but it may still need some time to heal completely.

The CDC advises against almost any kind of travel but many people in the US are still booking tickets all around the country and returning home perfectly safe. However, in the case of Puerto Rico, there are solid reasons to take a more conservative stance and listen to authorities. 

The number of new COVID-19 cases in the island is not as high as in other States, but it is still high. You can take measures to protect yourself, like staying within your family bubble and following health protocols, but there is still a very real risk outside.

If you do travel to Puerto Rico, we recommend you acquire health insurance that covers return of children and repatriation to the mainland.

Why visit Puerto Rico in COVID-19 times 

Puerto Rico safe to visit

With its Caribbean average temperature of 80 degrees, alongside blue skies, beaches and colorful landscapes, nobody would question traveling to Puerto Rico. 

In COVID-19 times, and with the holidays just around the corner, things may be a bit different

Governor Wanda Vázquez has decided to enforce strict biosafety rules to protect Puerto Ricans, visitors and the health system as a whole, from a rapid spread of the virus on the island. 

If you own a place on the island or if you are traveling with your family group, we don’t see why you shouldn’t spend some lovely holidays in Puerto Rico. But if your plan is moving around the island, this is probably not the best moment to go. 

Puerto Rico’s Health Care System and Response Capacity

Puerto Rico Safe to Visit - Covid

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not beat around the bush, Medical resources in Puerto Rico may be a challenge if you get sick.

If you get infected with COVID-19 while traveling in Puerto Rico, you will need to pay for your medical treatment plus your accommodation during the time you will be quarantined. 

It’s impossible to know how sick you or one of your family members can get if they get the virus (or dengue which is also around) far away from home. Because of this, we recommend you to plan ahead and get health insurance that actually covers COVID-19, including accommodation in case it is needed. 

COVID-19-related restrictions in Puerto Rico

Starting November 16,  restaurants, casinos, gyms, other places are allowed to operate at 30% capacity. There is also a mandatory State-wide curfew from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am. Additionally, wearing a face mask is mandatory at all times.

Governor Vázquez stated that if citizens and visitors do not follow these restrictions, she would close down even more business by mid-December. 

These restrictions will be in place until December 11. However, there is reason to believe they are going to be extended for a longer period.