Israel Reopening Borders to tourists

Israel likely to postpone reopening for tourism again in September 2021

Israel plans to reopen for international tourism in September but it will be most likely postponed. For now, only returning nationals, residents, and small groups of special tourists are allowed to enter.

All travelers are required to bring a negative PCR coronavirus test taken no more than 72 hours prior to take-off. They can also show proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

All arrivals must undergo a mandatory 10/14-day quarantine at an Israel-established quarantine center. 

Local tourists who have received two doses of the vaccine now have access to multiple tourist and entertainment venues by presenting a “Green Pass”, displayed on a Health Ministry app linked to their medical files.

Israel reopening – Latest Updates

Israel beach

July 28 – Israel to reopen COVID hospital wards – reopening plans in September jeopardized

The international community witnessed how one of the most vaccinated countries in the world is reopening hospitals’ COVID-19 wards due to the Delta variant. Israel has gone from having 19 people in UCIs last month to 153 serious cases and 35 patients fighting for their lives at the moment, according to Health Ministry data. 

“With morbidity rates rising in Israel and around the world due to the delta variant, discussions are continuing with the relevant government ministries regarding an opening date for incoming individual tourism. An announcement will be made when relevant.” the Tourism Ministry told reporters on July 21.

Adi Licher, company director at AR Eland Tours, stated that nobody believes the country will reopen in September. “September in Israel will be a month full of holidays, so I don’t think they are going to open it in September, and even if it will be open, nobody will come.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

July 13 – Israel to postpone international borders reopening until September, 2021

Israel’s plan to resume international travel on August 1st could be delayed as an increased number of outbreaks linked to the highly-contagious Delta variant raise concerns over further spread of the virus. 

The decision has not been announced yet. However, local media has reported that the Health Ministry will submit this recommendation to the cabinet this week. 

So far, only small groups of selected people are allowed entry to the country.

Source: The Times of Israel

June 29 – Israel put off borders reopening to tourism until August 1 due to the new Delta variant

Israel was set to reopen borders to international vaccinated travelers on July 1. 

Unfortunately, due to an increase in coronavirus outbreaks linked to the new so-called Delta variant the government had to postpone the reopening until August 1. 

“We have decided to treat this as a new outbreak. We intend to cut it off here, take a pail of water and douse the flames while they are still small,” said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last week. 

Bennet also approved the renewal of the coronavirus cabinet to monitor the response against this new threat. 

(Source: Times of Israel)

April 16 – Limited groups of vaccinated tourists will be allowed entry to Israel beginning May 23. 

Effective May 23 -limited groups of fully vaccinated international tourists- will have the privilege to come visit and do tourism in Israel. 

All arrivals will need to bring a negative COVID-19 test result, take a serological test to prove the existence of COVID-19 antibodies. This means, the authorities will be checking if the traveler is actually vaccinated against COVID-19. 

As of now, the country is reportedly working on a mutual-recognition vaccination passport to reopen travel corridors with a number of countries. 

Additionally, given its incredibly successful vaccination campaign, the country announced people won’t need to wear a face mask at a public space anymore starting tomorrow.

Airlines currently flying to Israel 

(This list may change with little to no previous notice)

  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Baltic
  • Air Canada
  • Air Europa
  • Air France
  • Airmoldova
  • American Airlines
  • Arkia Israel
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Belavia
  • British airways
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Cyprus airways
  • Delta
  • Easyjet
  • El al
  • Emirates
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Flydubai
  • Gulf air
  • Iberia
  • Israir
  • Lufthansa
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Ryanair
  • Swiss international Airlines
  • Tap air Portugal
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ukraine international Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin
  • Wizz


The 7-step exit strategy (Reopening plan) – How does it work?

  • 1st step: Businesses and schools for ages up to six will be allowed to reopen (Unclear when it will occur).
  • 2nd step to 4th step: Reopening of professional sports, gyms, hotels, clubs and public swimming pools.
  • 5th step: Reopening of Ben Gurion International Airport, plus restaurants and cafes.
  • 7th step: Returning to the original color-coded “Traffic Light” plan designed by pandemic czar Prof Ronni Gamzu.

What is open in Israel?

The government has partially reopened business venues like nightclubs, bars, amusement parks, and cultural sites. 

Public events, such as parties and organized trips have also been restricted.

Who is allowed to enter Israel?

Israel international airport

Only nationals and permanent residents.

Is it safe to visit Israel during COVID-19?

Israel is considered a relatively safe place to visit during COVID-19. ( warning level 3).

COVID-19 situation in Israel

As of July 28, Israel has reported 864,912 cases and 6,461 deaths.

When will Israel be open for tourism?


COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be unpredictable. However, the country expects to be able to open for international tourism as soon as they have vaccinated the majority of its population. 

This milestone may be achieved by summer 2021. 

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.