Beaches of Koh Samui are amazing!

Koh Samui, Thailand

On first look, Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island, makes the same first impression as other tourist destinations in Thailand. Everywhere you look there are locals selling clothes, cheap electronics, girls offering massages and taxi drivers mafia trying to rip you off. But at the same time it’s different. It has it’s own and unique spirit, same as Krabi or Patong. In Krabi sits the night food market, offering meals beyond your wildest dreams amongst the cliffs, hills, caves and rocks sticking out from under the azure water. The kind of colour that water should be. Patong and its famous Bangla Road leaves you speechless. It’s a thing that is difficult to describe, and here may apply the Asian proverb “It’s better to see it once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

map of Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui is located on the south of Thailand

It all begins with the access to the island. You can choose between plane or ferry. Half an hour on a sea – sitting on a deck with a horde of other backpackers, observing the huge display of never-ending water, a couple of seagulls escorting the boat all the way from inland, enjoying the sun, the wind blowing in your hair. It sounds like a carefree life. It is.fotodeckboatAccess to the Island by a ferry

There are beaches which are just too popular and during tourist season are overcrowded, like Lamai and Chaweng. But Koh Samui is not just beaches. Elephant tracking, jungles galore, waterfalls, countless coconut palm trees, caves, as well as several beautiful beaches like Mae Nam Beach or Tongson Bay. We took a scooter and travelled the whole island in few hours. We stopped at the markets, waterfalls, we observed the big buddha statue, we stood in awe at the temples in traditional Thai architecture. We stopped to swim at beaches. The roads here are better quality than in many Eastern European countries. This applies to most parts of Thailand. When you consider that the Island was without roads until the 1970s, a journey that today takes a couple of hours would have amounted to a whole day of trekking.


Elephant showBig Buddha statueBig Buddha statue

As we headed homeward in the evening there was a heavy storm. The lightning slapped the sky while we were swam underneath in the warm ocean. It’s a feeling that is so unique and precious, so different to city life, tall buildings and pollution hiding the sky. The night before the night sky was cloudy but the stars shone through strong enough to create priceless experience. These are the things that make travelling worthwhile.