Why Luxury Apartments Are Becoming An Attractive Alternative To Hotels

Today, many travelers are seeking hotel alternatives. They look for accommodations that can make them feel at home — the feeling of placing your feet on top of a couch while watching TV and drinking a beer or coffee. After a long day of traveling, meeting people, and being exposed to pollution, nothing can beat the warmth of relaxing in a first-class home sweet home.

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Why Choose A Luxury Apartment Over A Hotel?

Whether one plans to stay in the countryside or a city, the decision to rent a luxury apartment can be more cost-effective than staying in a hotel. A high-grade service apartment is an excellent alternative for a hotel room, especially if an individual wants to settle in for many days.

Usually, travelers and business people remain in the same place for several days or nights. These people experience the usual day-to-day stress like traffic, pollution, cramped spaces, etc. That is why they need a retreat from their daily ordeals. What they need is a place that they can call home even if they are far away from the real one.

Luxury apartments were created to address this demand particularly. Houses and apartments for rent are more spacious than hotel rooms. They also feature kitchens and laundry rooms for use and even a living room for social gatherings.

Rentals are also a more practical option for groups. Backpackers discover that sharing the total bill with friends or colleagues can cut total expenses. Instead of staying in an expensive one- or two-bedroom hotel, they can share a single luxury apartment in order to divide the total price of the stay. These luxury serviced apartments offer household features that the group can use. They can either prepare their own meals or avail of room service.

For couples, luxury apartments are a better choice than a youth hostel. Luxury apartments provide the privacy that they need. Plus, if they wish to enjoy nice facilities, then luxury apartments are indeed a good alternative to a 3-, 4-, or 5-star hotel. They don’t need to stay in a cramped 1-star hotel room if they can have an option that offers more space and gives them plenty of bang for their buck.

For families, a luxury extended stay apartment is the best choice. A full kitchen is a huge plus for them since it is cheaper and easier to feed and dine with picky eaters. The in-apartment washers are another source of comfort because you can do laundry in bulk for free. The spacious living rooms are also a great advantage for adults. With more space, parents can chat and hang out while their children or babies slumber; this is one of the more significant benefits of staying in luxury apartments than being confined in a hotel room.

What’s more, adults can leave teenagers to be in charge of the serviced apartment while they find time for themselves outside. This is perfect for grown-ups who wish to escape for a while.

Many people are now considering the comfort of serviced apartments, but some might think that since luxury apartments are less expensive than hotels, then they are less equipped with hotel-like amenities and services. That thinking is wrong because luxury apartments are well-furnished with facilities and utilities similar to hotels. As mentioned, this type of serviced apartment offers room services and amenities such as a laundry room, a rec room, and a fitness center. Most, if not all, have free WiFi.

Luxury serviced apartments provide facilities identical to an established hotel but offer more privacy, convenience, and space. The facilities vary: Some feature a private kitchenette, while others provide a full kitchen. The sleeping and living areas are sometimes near gyms, meeting spaces, restaurants, hotel-like services such as money changers and safety deposit boxes, and concierges. Guests can also choose to stock up on store-bought provisions if they wish to stay for an extended period of time. If they are only staying for a single night, then room service is what’s best for them.

In general, if customers wish to settle for three nights or more, then it’s better to consider staying in a high-grade serviced apartment where you can have more and better options compared to the limited offers of hotel accommodations.

Standard Features of Luxury Apartments

Most luxury apartments are equipped with the following amenities and facilities on top of the usual hotel services (shuttle service and the like):

– Kitchen

– Bigger closets

– Dryer and washer

– Fitness center

– Rec room

– Living room

– Interior details

– 24/7 concierge

– Home comforts

– Made-to-order goods

– Housekeeping

– Free WiFi

Benefits of Staying in Luxury Apartments

– Privacy

– More space

– Secure entry

– More mileage for your money, especially if you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time

– Flexibility

Besides its cost-effectiveness, small luxuries like an entertainment system and a fully furnished kitchen are the most noteworthy advantages of staying in a luxury apartment. Having the option to cook your own meals may seem small but it is a huge cost benefit. And, avoiding dining in restaurants allows customers to make room for other expenses.

Furthermore, most luxury apartments come with mod cons and entertainment systems such as satellite television, docking stations, video systems, and DVD players. Similar to a hotel, luxury apartments provide services that include turn down and cleaning services.

Luxury apartments feature many advantages and benefits. It is the perfect option for families, couples, companies, and business people who wish to relax in the confines of a homey environment while being away from their real home.

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