9 Most Luxurious Hotels To Visit In Bhutan

Bhutan is a small Kingdom nestled deep in the Himalayas. Bhutan is regarded as the land of happiness blessed with a pristine environment, unique culture and glorified medieval architectural heritage.

The slow-paced lifestyle, friendly locals and secluded mountain villages are known to accommodate visitors. To ensure guests comfort and reinforce the therapeutic experience, these hotels and resorts spread across Bhutan have curated their design to blend in with nature and promote simplicity while offering world-class service.

We have listed some of the Best Hostels in Bhutan.. enjoy:

Le Méridien Thimphu – (starts at $319)

May rates: $319 – $519 Book on Booking.com 

Located in Thimpu, Paro, Le Méridien is one of Bhutan’s most exclusive resorts definitely one of the Best Bhutan Hotels!. 

Guests will be immersed in a world of beautiful rocky cliffs and expansive forests with exotic waterfalls.

Le Méridien’s 5-star accommodations cater to both business and tourist travelers. Each room contains the hotel’s exquisite luxury decor and bedding. Amenities include an in-room minibar, indoor pool, and full 

-featured fitness center. Guests can also enjoy room service 24/7. 

“Le Méridien’s facilities are modern and the rooms are very clean. The food at the restaurant was tasty. Each room’s interior design and amenities make for an amazing stay. The on-site restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose from Western cuisine or local Bhutanese or Indian dishes.”

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary – (starts at $581)

May rates: $581 – $842 Book on Booking.com 

The Himalayan Kingdom’s newest hidden gem! The Sanctuary is dedicated to traditional customs and values, while respecting the environment. Your time spent at the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary will focus on peace and tranquility. Nourish your spirit with meditation and yoga classes. At the Sanctuary, guest wellbeing is the ultimate goal- making guests happier both inside and out. 

The resort is all-inclusive with an indoor pool and wellness spa. Take a tour of the surrounding lands of Bhutan. Enjoy the restaurant and lounge, and receive breakfast free every day.

“From the start of our stay at The Butan, there was an undeniable feeling of ease and tranquility. When you arrive at The Sanctuary, you take in the fresh mountain air, clear blue sky, and exceptionally positive energy. The Sanctuary was truly a positive retreat.”

“Well-appointed rooms and impressive wellness services. If needed, receive practical advice from one of the Sanctuary’s practical medicine doctors. The service was very personable. and Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary ends up being among the top of the line experience.”

Pema by Realm – (starts at $133)

May rates: $133 – $230 Book on Booking.com 

This luxurious 4.5-Star Hotel offers a comprehensive list of amenities. Dining options include 3 restaurants on-site, each offering its own vibe. Each luxury suite has an individually elegant layout and design. Pema by Realm offers upscale spa packages to keep guests relaxed and refreshed. 

Need a spa day? Choose from a variety of massage packages including full-body massage, foot massage, or couples massage. Guests can relax and unwind in the sauna/steam room.

“Felt like walking into Heaven… was welcomed upon arrival with traditional Bhutanese khadar, a way of presenting the guest with a welcoming scarf. Also, while checking in, we were served Bhutanese tea. We were shown our room accompanied by a very sweet girl and given full details about the resort and the area of Bhutan. The hotel’s restaurants served great quality foods, very delicious. The room was very spacious, clean, and neat. The view of Thimphu valley was spectacular. Overall the really amazing staff and amazing service.”

“Loved the unique touch given to each suite. Our family has stayed twice in one year and each time we received a suite with a different elegant theme. Service is impeccable! We also thoroughly enjoyed the Bistro, especially since it was right on-site.”

Le Meridien Paro Riverfront – (starts at $499)

May rates: $499 – $749 Book on Booking.com 

Standing grandly on the banks of the Paro River, the Le Meridien Paro Riverfront is a 59 room Bhutan’s hotel built for the inquisitive travelers in mind. With the Paro river flowing with a zeal to meet with Thimphu River at Chuzom (river confluence), it invokes a sense of calmness to any traveler staying at this hotel. A whitewashed small Buddhist stupa welcomes the guests illustrating Bhutanese customs and culture.

The 59 room includes seven suites; all designed like not as just any hotel room but as a retreat center each room presenting the best view of Paro River and Paro valley. They offer a wide range of choices in the dining department with their two innovative restaurants; Bamboo Chic and Latest Recipe.

Bamboo Chic serves Asian with a modern perspective and Latest Recipe serves global à la carte menu items. Indoor pools, Spa treatments, and fitness centers are some of the other facilities available at the hotel.

Dhensa Boutique Resort

May rates: $ Book on Booking.com 

Set amidst tall lush pine trees, the Dhensa Boutique Resort overlooks the gorgeous Punakha valley. It was built keeping adventurous travelers in mind and is conveniently surrounded by many hiking trails, the most prominent being a mild hike to the Sangchen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery Lhakhang located at a five minutes’ walk from the resort. The resort is a blend of contemporary design and ancient Bhutanese architectural style. 

Dhensa Punakha believes in simplicity when it comes to food. Their aim is to serve nourishing and nurturing foods that are unapologetically simple. They serve an assortment of specials including western classics, traditional Asian and authentic Bhutanese taste. An entire cottage is dedicated just for wellness like spa, yoga and a unique outdoor wood-fired bath because, at Dhensa, they strive to help you rejuvenate and reconnect with your soul. 

They also offer a variety of treatments and therapies with their hand-blended essential oils. You can be simply letting yourself go and let the magic oils do their thing while you enjoy the view from the window.

COMO Uma Paro

May rates: $ Book on Booking.com 

COMO Uma Paro is one of the Best Hotels in Bhutan, located on a verdant hill comprises 29 rooms featuring the most exclusive villas. It offers its guests the advantage of being at a distance from the country’s greatest landmarks like Paro Dzong and the National Museum which are all prominent attractions. The luxury property amalgamates Bhutan’s local architectural designs with COMO’s contemporary style.

The hotel presents the guests with wellness activities like Yoga and camping adventures to name a few. The dining experience at COMO Uma Paro explodes with flavors from organic produces that are grown in their own kitchen garden and specialty dishes from India and International cuisines are also served.

Aman Kora

Spread across the county in five districts; Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang, Aman Kora is one of the very first luxury resorts in Bhutan.

The name Aman Kora is derived from aman which in Sanskrit means peace and Kora means pilgrimage in Dzongkha.  Aman Kora is a chain resort to the famous Aman Luxury Hotel group. The five lodges across the country have all one thing common, they are all set at stunning and tranquil locations.

The lodges serve an assortment of Bhutanese, Indian and International cuisines complimenting the dining in serenity experience as the lodges are surrounded by orchards and lush wood.  The five lodges comprise 72 suites which are a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design. 

Wellness and retreats include spa treatments with traditional medicinal plant therapies and oil massages. A hot stone bath infused with an herb at Paro lodge and meditations in Punakha is also available.

Zhiwa Ling Ascent

Set among tall cypress trees, this property showcases the paradigm of contemporary designs and style. The 20 rooms’ architectural marvel is the work of an inquisitive Austrian Architect who has managed to portray Bhutanese architecture in the most modern perspective as it could.

The rooms are designed in the most energy-efficient manner which has the quality to capture all the natural sunlight and provide serene panoramic views of nature and the valley. The ingenious restaurant provides the guests with a fine dining experience with flavors straight from the organic kitchen garden.

Gangtey Lodge

Taking you all the way to central Bhutan, Gangtey Lodge is located in the vicinity of an important protected area for black-necked cranes. The 12 suit luxury lodge is set above the beautiful Phobjikha valley overlooking the vast verdant meadows and hills drowned in wildflowers.

The lodge aims to provide guests with the unique experience of tranquility and solitude away from the modern bustling sounds of car honks and loud noises.

The only sounds you will hear are the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves or the faint singing of the wind. The unique architecture of the lodge screams traditional aspects blended carefully with contemporary style.  They offer their guests with wellness programs like hot stone bath, their special in-suite spa treatment, and meditation classes. They also offer entertainment choices like hiking, mountain biking or traditional games like archery and darts.

All visitors must book their trip to Bhutan through a local travel agent in Bhutan such as BookMyTour. The local travel agent will assist visitors to process their visas, make hotel and flight reservations and also recommend tour itineraries.