Make The Most Of Your Camping Trip | Ultimate Guide

In a world full of technology, there’s something oddly appealing about the back-to-basics nature of camping.

Escaping to the great outdoors for a few days brings with it both potential pleasures and pitfalls. To make sure you get to enjoy more of the former during your camping trip, we’ve created a list of handy tips below.

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Stay Organized

A camping trip is always more enjoyable when it’s spontaneous. The only problem with this approach is that it can easily lead to important items getting left behind. A weekend fishing trip, for example, is certainly a lot more difficult without any fishing bait. You can check out some equipment from reputable online shops like

The best solution to this issue is to try and plan ahead. Keeping all of your camping gear in one corner of the house or garage is a great place to start.

Load any essential items, such as your tent or sleeping bag or camping stove, into your vehicle’s trunk just before you leave. This way, you’ll have no nagging doubts that you’ve left them behind.  The last thing you want to have to do before you set off is to rummage through a fully-packed trunk.

Taking this approach will make going on a camping trip feel less like work and more like what it’s supposed to be – fun!

Don’t Forget Your Lighting

Midnight toilet runs are an inevitable part of a camping trip. They’re never much fun, especially when you end up getting lost on the way back to your tent.

It makes a torch headlamp an essential piece of kit to have near your bedside at all times. It’s also worth considering investing in a couple of solar-powered camping lanterns or appliances. Leaving them on the outside (or inside) of your tent will make your return journey a whole lot easier.

Book Ahead

Whether you’re going to a national park or just a normal private campground, it’s always worth considering booking your spot in advance.

During school breaks, many families have the same idea of taking a camping trip. That can leave sites in certain popular destinations full to capacity.

Go a Little Further Afield

Staying at a campsite has its benefits, but if you really want to experience the serenity of nature, you have to be willing to go a little off the beaten track.

Sure, you might miss the warm showers, but it’s always nicer to woken up by the sound of chirping birds than car noise.

Pack a Pillow

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep when camping is to pack an inflatable pillow. Without one, your neck could be sore in the morning.

Overseas camping? How will you get there?

A vital camping essential that you can’t overlook is your transport, especially If you’re visiting from overseas. Consider options which fit within your budget.

This might mean bargaining on pre-loved car, camping gear or even a or even a camper trailer, which is like a tent on wheels that can be towed behind your car and popped up at any camp site.

Other essentials to make the most of your camping trip; bug spray, sunscreen, a hat and a basic first-aid kit.

Add Spices and Herbs

You don’t go on a camping trip expecting five-star cuisine, but that doesn’t mean that your meals should taste bland.

Packing a small spice kit can help turn a basic tinned tomato sauce into something that will get the taste buds tingling.

Don’t Forget Your Waterproofs

One thing you can never control is the weather. A constant drip of rain can certainly put a downer on a camping trip. But as long as you’ve got waterproof clothing, it shouldn’t make or break your vacation.