Mexican Authorities Collaborate With AirBnB To Provide Tourists With Safer Vacation Rentals

Mexican Authorities Collaborate With AirBnB To Provide Tourists With Safer Vacation Rentals

Together with the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City, the Airbnb platform presented an information campaign aimed at hosts to promote best safety and prevention practices and contribute to the creation of a collective safety culture with neighbors and local communities, says the company.

“This alliance that we ratify today with Airbnb allows us to reinforce actions that guarantee the security of the spaces, and of the people who offer their spaces, and make reservations through the platform”, said Myriam Urzúa, Secretary of Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City. 

And added: “With this type of alliance, we demonstrate that we have managed to change the paradigm of the emergency reaction; today we are a more prepared, preventive, and resilient society”.

Through this agreement, Airbnb and Mexican organizations are collaborating to provide answers to various risk factors that guests and hosts may encounter, such as natural disasters, crime, and robberies.

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In addition, a security resource center will be established to provide local risk mitigation and security measures for emergency scenarios. The goal is to work with Airbnb, local law enforcement, hosts, neighbors and authorities to increase visitor safety in Mexico.

As reported by TraveloffPath, IPSOS has identified the main concerns of tourists when traveling by air: Theft (62%), accidents (60%), lost luggage (45%) and transportation problems (40%). In terms of accommodation, over 80% of travelers said that safety measures were critical, citing the need for first aid kits (83%), fire extinguishers (75%), burglar alarms (73%), insurance (71%), smoke detectors (68%), and gas and carbon monoxide detectors (63%).

This data has been collected and taken into account by Airbnb and Mexican authorities to enhance safety protocols and ensure that tourists have a pleasant stay.

The Verano Seguro initiative has provided hosts as well as the local community with tools and information about security procedures and safety precautions.

Starting this month and continuing through July, Airbnb and Mexican Civil Prevention will provide free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to hosts throughout Mexico. 

A logistical process has been developed exclusively for Mexico to deliver the detectors and implement the new measures.

Airbnb has also officially launched AirCover insurance in the nation, one of the company’s most significant innovations this year. This brand-new insurance service provides booking protection, helps guests find comparable nearby accommodations, offers alternative check-in options, a 24-hour security line and more.