Mexican President Claims Country Is Safer Than U.S. And Criticizes ‘Anti-Mexico’ Campaign

Mexican President Claims Country Is Safer Than U.S. And Criticizes 'Anti-Mexico' Campaign

On Monday, the president of Mexico asserted that his country is safer than the United States, in response to criticisms from U.S. officials about his security policies. This comes after a recent kidnapping incident near the border that resulted in the tragic deaths of two American citizens.

The kidnapping of four and murder of two U.S. citizens in early March who crossed the border in Matamoros have once again called into question Mexico’s image as a safe travel destination.

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Following the murders, the U.S. Department of State swiftly extended its travel warning recommending Americans to avoid ‘certain parts’ of Mexico, particularly Tamaulipas, where ‘violent crime – such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery – is widespread and common’.

The unfortunate event also triggered another wave of criticism from the U.S. and international media about violence in Mexico.

As the situation worsens, with Texan officials telling citizens not to fly to Mexico because it is ‘too risky,’ the Mexican President has decided to intervene and address Americans directly, claiming Mexico is ‘safer’ than the US.

In response to the serious accusations, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, asserted that his nation is “safer” than the United States and that “moving safely around Mexico” is not a problem.

Republicans in the United States went one step further and demanded military participation in Mexico’s gang violence with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., saying that if Mexico “does not get tougher” and accept military aid, then it is an “enemy” of the United States.

If the criticism persisted, Obrador promised to push Mexican Americans not to vote Republican and blasted an “anti-Mexico” campaign by conservative American lawmakers.

He continued by saying that Americans traveling to Mexico and expats there are both “fully aware” of how safe the nation is. They wouldn’t be migrating south in such large numbers if they weren’t.

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In addition, AMLO stated that the only states in Mexico labeled as Level 1, or “safe,” destinations are Campeche and Yucatan, so if the U.S. travel advisories were completely obeyed, only those two states would be accessible to Americans.

Replying to the oppressive comments made by American leaders, Obrador came to the conclusion that “this is a campaign against Mexico by Conservative politicians of the United States who do not want the country to continue transforming for the good of Mexicans”.