These 9 U.S. Cities Impose Vaccine Or Testing Mandates For Indoor Activities

More U.S. Cities Introducing Vaccine and Testing Mandates for Indoor Activities

After New York City and Los Angeles, 7 other popular cities in the United States are deciding on mandating vaccine or testing for indoor activities.

Things as they are. The COVID-19 vaccine is not the game-changer that was promised.

Everything points out that the new highly-contagious Omicron variant is the real game-changer, as it has prompted local governments in the United States and other nations to restore controversial COVID-19 restrictions.

For instance, starting Dec. 27, People in New York 12 and above will be needed to present proof of vaccination in order to attend restaurants, gyms, and other indoor entertainment venues.

From Nov. 29 visitors to Los Angeles must be fully vaccinated to access F&B businesses. Indoor mask-wearing will be also mandatory until Jan. 15.

Updated 30 December: Washington DC is the latest city in the United States to introduce vaccine mandates, starting from January 15. Proof of at least partial vaccination will be required for indoor areas, restaurants, bars, gyms, and cultural and entertainment venues. This rule only applies to those older than 12.

Chicago is taking the spread of the Omicron even more seriously. Starting Jan. 3, people aged 6 and above will be compelled to provide proof of vaccination in order to visit indoor businesses.

On the same day, a vaccine certificate will be required to enter restaurants, theaters, and similar places in Philadelphia. A negative COVID-19 test taken within 24 hours of entry will be accepted, but only until Jan. 18, when all visitors must present proof of being fully vaccinated.

To attend restaurants, bars, and other equivalent places in New Orleans, anyone aged 12 and up must show confirmation of partial vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Patrons must present proof of vaccination to enter a gym, a bar, or a restaurant in San Francisco. A negative COVID-19 test is no longer a valid replacement document. 

Customers aged 12 and up must show proof of immunization to visit indoor venues and sporting events in Seattle. They must also produce a negative COVID-19 test for events with more than 500 people.

From Jan. 15 Boston will require proof of vaccination for people 12 and over in order to gain access to indoor eateries, fitness centers, and theaters. A single dose should be will be enough until Feb. 15 when two doses will become necessary.

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According to recent research issued by the CDC, vaccines have proven ad nauseam their effectiveness at reducing severe COVID-19 symptoms as well as hospitalizations.

But, as per cumulative experience, they don’t appear to be as effective in helping people reclaim their lives as they used to be back in 2019.