Summers are the most fun in Europe, so get ahead of yourself and break away from the daily grinds of life. Oliver’s Travels provides you with an opportunity to visit some of the most exciting and fun cities in Europe that have been ranked especially for travel enthusiasts based on the amenities they have on offer. The Fun Index Score (FIS) as highlighted by the infographic below is an indicator of the feasibility of these cities to provide a great experience to travelers through facilities like food, culture, recreation, landmarks and exhibition sites amongst others. London, UK has been ranked as the No. 1 European city most popular amongst visitors across the globe with a FIS of 104  

With the second and third spot on the European Fun Index, Paris and Rome are must-visit places recommended for couples. These places offer exciting tourist attractions including amazing food, culture, leisure activities, spas & wellness opportunities, and guided tours. So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to a European city for some great fun!

If you’re a party enthusiast, consider places like London, Rome, Madrid or Barcelona. These cities are highly ranked for their nightlife, bars & pubs, and fun games. The list is a quick way of finding out the best places to travel to matching your lifestyle for a fun experience. People who prefer cultural happenings and heritage should book a flight to Rome, London, Paris or Prague as these places have rich cultural elements with numerous sites of historical significance. So, which place you want to visit this summer?

Take a look at the infographic for more details: