12 Most Underrated Places In The U.S. Worth Visiting In 2023

Most Underrated Places In The USA

The United States is full of popular attractions that deserve that attention. However, their status can also result in them being more crowded with tourists than may be desired while numerous less-visited destinations have a lot to offer as well.

Central Massachusetts

Although Boston receives much of attention in the Bay State, the central part of Massachusetts also features numerous attractions. For example, the Basketball and Volleyball Halls of Fame are here while the New England Trail goes through it.

Channel Islands

The Channel Islands, located just outside of Ventura and near Los Angeles, provide a relaxing respite from the busyness that encompasses much of Southern California. In addition to this quiet area’s incredible beauty, it features thousands of species of animals and plants.

Florida’s Forgotten Coast

So much of the Sunshine State’s coastline has been heavily promoted as tourist hot spots, but the Forgotten Coast has been, well, forgotten and is more so rough nature. This area is along the Gulf of Mexico, roughly stretching from an area south of Tallahassee to Panama City.

Kansas City

The Kansas City metropolitan area also deserves more tourists than it receives. Its barbecue offerings are amongst the best found anywhere, and it has been a hotbed of jazz and baseball as well. Today, it is home to the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Lake Superior

Although Lake Superior is the largest of the five Great Lakes, it is also one of the least visited as it is not near any major population bases. For that reason, the world’s largest lake by surface area is more pristine. It also offers visitors attractions such as Isle Royale National Park.

San Luis Obispo

Roughly midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is this college town, situated 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It offers access to hiking, thriving craft breweries and Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.


Tacoma is often forgotten by people visiting the area, who focus their city-based time in the area on Seattle, but it should not be. Found here are Point Defiance Park, the Museum of Glass, America’s Car Museum and closer access to Mount Rainier.

Pennsylvania Wilds

Those based in the Northeast looking for solitude should consider visiting the Pennsylvania Wilds, a picturesque area full of natural attractions in the northeast part of that state. The Allegheny National Forest is found here.

Texas Hill Country

Although beloved by locals, Texas Hill Country is an area that is mostly unknown to non-Texans. Situated west of Austin and San Antonio, it features charming towns, enticing waterfalls, refreshing swimming holes, a fascinating underwater cave and beautiful wineries.

Ouachita Mountains

The Ouachita Mountains, located in western Arkansas, offer nature in a more untouristy, untouched way than can be found in the Ozark Mountains, more known and found just to the north.

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

In Wyoming’s flat wilderness, Devil’s Tower looms ominously in menacing form. The scrubby woodland around this natural structure stands in stark contrast to it. You’ll be compelled to get closer and closer to the tower in an effort to unravel its secrets. Fortunately, the Devil’s Tower’s mysteries are unveiled at the park’s visitor center! Embark on a tour or explore on your own.

The Oregon Coast, Oregon

When it comes to the Pacific coast, California appears to receive all the attention, but it’s not the only state with a beautiful coastline. The Oregon coast is breathtaking! Here, a narrow strip of beach, or sometimes nothing at all, separates the lush forested area from the ocean. Visit the larger cities and smaller settlements of the region and enjoy the sound of the waves and the serene beaches of the Oregon Coast.