5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Redlands

Listening to beautiful sounds emanating from the amphitheater, inhaling scents from local gardens, and surveying the Victorian-era architecture around Redlands is tiring. Filling up an empty stomach is a must to get the most you can out of the local sights. While enjoying your stay in Redlands, get a taste of the fresh farm-to-table culture with this list of restaurants that will satisfy both adventure seekers and traditionalist.

Caprice Cafe

Just landed at Ontario Airport? Hungry for some flavorful, unique food? Caprice Cafe is a perfect place to stop and experience some new takes on classic meals. The wild blue crab burger sticks out as a favorite. It contains a piquillo-espelette aioli for a complex sweetness that complements the robust paprika flavor from the French espelette peppers. Culinary cross-breeds are exciting, and if you like to explore your flavor palette, this would be the place to go.

Thai House Restaurant

Thai House Restaurant has been bringing authentic Thai culture to Redlands since 1982. This restaurant is the place to be if you like western cuisine at a reasonable price. Dine outdoors on the patio when the weather is nice, and enjoy traditional recipes as if you were eating in Thailand. The indoor dining room is a unique aesthetic filled with set pieces, masks, and Thai characters. 


Sometimes we need a grilled cheese. Cheesewalla, a 2015 pop up turned local staple, is the place to go for comfort sandwiches. The owners have passion and work hard, bringing unique flavors to the community. Being able to enjoy food the way you make it at home is big when deciding where to dine. At this restaurant, you can have your sandwich in different ways, like on top of tater tots or quesadilla style. FYI, the B.B.Q Mac N’ Cheese is a local favorite.

Tartan of Redlands

Family owned for 52 years, Tartan has a comfortable, friendly environment. They celebrate holidays, so be sure to stop by and have fun with all the locals. Some have been coming here since they were in the womb. You might even catch the owners at the bar, as they regularly hang out with the crowd and enjoy the good vibes. The well-rounded menu will leave few wanting more.

Pieology Pizza

Pieology offers pizza in the style of Chipotle. Come in and choose all your ingredients dough, meats, sauces, toppings, and even after-bake sauces. If you don’t feel like creating your own, menu options are available as well as sides and desserts. Pieology aspires to be a place where people can get together to get away from the hustle and bustle. They have a mobile app so you can have food readily available by the time you arrive.

Redlands has much to offer, and you will need to have the energy to see it all. These highly reviewed restaurants will leave you salivating for more.