Nepal Reopening for Tourists

Nepal opened for tourism on June 24 with testing and mandatory hotel quarantine

Nepal resumed international flight operations with Kuala, Istanbul, Dammam and Kuwait from June 24.

All arrivals must bring a negative COVID-19 test and agree to hotel quarantine.

Nepal reopening for tourism – Latest updates

Nepal reopening to trekkers and mountaineers

July 1 – Nepal resumed international commercial flights on June 24 and domestic ones on July 1

Nepal announced that it will resume domestic flights with restrictions from July 1. The country also resumed international flights from Kathmandu to Kuala, Istanbul, Dammam and Kuwait from June 24.

“The government has also decided to resume regular international flights to and from Kathmandu in limited destinations. With the new decisions in place, Nepal Airlines and Qatar Airways will be allowed to operate two flights each a week in Kathmandu-Doha sector,” reads a statement issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Domestic flights will operate at 50% capacity while international ones will operate under the previous biosafety protocols.

Source: The Hindu

June 13 – Nepal to ease quarantine restrictions for Gulf and Malaysian travelers in June

Nepal is set to reopen flights with China, Qatar, and Turkey over the next few days. Thousands of Nepali, Gulf and Malaysian employees are expected to enter the country on the first flights. 

To avoid travel bottlenecks the government reduced the recommended days a person must quarantine due to a potential coronavirus exposure from 10 days to only 5, if they test negative.

Arrivals from India on regular flights must stay in a hotel quarantine for 10 days regardless of their vaccination status.

(Source: Hymalayan Channel)

May 29 – Nepal will reopen to China, Qatar and Turkey from June

Some weeks ago, Nepal closed for international tourism due a huge increase in COVID-19 cases mostly brought to the country by Indian and Nepali cross-country workers and residents.

Since then, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has allowed some controlled charter flights to bring back stranded Nepali citizens.

However, since travel agents started to charge travelers with “exorbitant rates”, the government decided to resume international flights to and from China, Qatar and Turkey from the beginning of June. 

“Amid complaints that passengers, mainly Nepalis, were being forced to pay exorbitant fares for chartered flights, we decided to open limited flights,” said Nepal’s Tourism Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal.

The exact date is yet to be confirmed. 

(Source: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal)

What are the entry requirements for all allowed visitors? 

  • Travelers need to acquire a visa through an embassy or consulate in their country or get one upon arrival. 
  • They must submit proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival.
  • Visitors must have proof of a hotel booking for a 7-day quarantine in Nepal.
  • Trekkers and Mountaineers need to bring proof of insurance that covers COVID-19 up to, at least, US $5,000. (This will apply when Mount Everest reopens again).
  • On the fifth day of quarantine, visitors must take an additional PCR test at their own expense before proceeding with their trip.

Who can enter Nepal now?

Visitors from China, Qatar and Turkey.

Can Americans visit Nepal?

Not for the moment.

COVID-19 cases in Nepal

Nepal only has a population of about 28 million and has had over 640,662 cases of the Coronavirus and 9,145 deaths.

The Himalayan country lacks medical infrastructure. There are not enough ventilators and other specialized equipment to treat critical cases.

Are there flights to Nepal?

All commercial flights were suspended but are expected to partially resume over the next few days.

Royal Nepal Airlines

Why should Nepal be on the travel lover bucket list?


Most businesses, stores, restaurants, and hotels have resumed normal operations in the country.

When people think of Nepal, mountain climbing comes to mind. After all, the country boasts 10 of the top 14 peaks in the world.

Yet, there is a lot more to do here than climb mountains. For those of an adventurous bent, they’ll find some of the best white-water rafting in the world. Visitors can also try paragliding, bungee jumping or take a helicopter tour overseeing the mountains.

For those hiking the Annapurna circuit, make sure to bring a camera. This is one of the most breathtaking mountain treks in the world. It not only takes visitors through the Himalayas, but also touches on the Tibetan plateau.

There is also spectacular natural diversity. Because Nepal encompasses such a wide range of altitudes, it has an incredible variety of plant and animal life. Here nature lovers will find the rare snow leopard, the elusive Bengal tiger, and the Himalayan black bear as well as over 800 types of birds, and 300 varieties of orchid.  Many of these wonders can be seen in the national parks.

Kathmandu is also an attraction. It boasts 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Lord Buddha is alleged to have been born in the town of Lumbuni, and this is a pilgrimage site for many Buddhists. 

There are also ancient monasteries that are worth visiting, and, in the city itself, there is Durbar Square, which dates back to the 3rd century.

Finally, here in Nepal visitors will find some of the friendliest people in the world.

Nepal is probably one of the most visually gorgeous places to visit. From Mount Everest to the birthplace of the Buddha and the ancient buildings of Kathmandu, there is so much to see and do in this small but stunning country.