New Data Reveals 7 Safest Countries For Female Digital Nomads in 2023

New Data Reveals 5 Safest Countries For Female Digital Nomads in 2022

Due in large part to Covid and the sharp increase in telecommuting and job flexibility, 15.5 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads in 2021, an increase of 112 percent from 2019. Of these, over 70 percent were women, making safety a major concern.

In response, tech company recently analyzed data from the Global Peace Index (GPI) and the Global Health Security Index (GHI) to pick the five safest countries for female digital nomads.

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1. Australia

Australia is ranked second on the Global Health Index and 27th on the Global Peace Index, making it the safest country for female digital nomads in 2022.

The Land Down Under is highly westernized, has amazing cities, endless coastline, stunning beaches and scenery to explore, and offers digital nomad visas for adult travelers looking to work while in the country and fund their extended stay.

2. Germany

Germany ranks eighth on the GHI, 16th on the GPI, and is a generally safe country rich in history and culture.

The central European country provides D-Visas to citizens of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, and Japan who want to extend their stay beyond 90 days to study or “pursue an economic activity.”

3. Hungary

Hungary is home to stunning mountain landscapes, thermal baths, and a growing digital nomad population. It ranks 13th on the GPI, 34th on the GHI, and currently has no travel advisories issued by the U.S. State Department.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is another safe, idyllic destination for female digital nomads. The country is known for its iconic beauty (think “Lord of the Rings”) and ranks 13th on the GHI and 2nd on the GPI, making it an excellent option for solo female digital nomads who qualify for a working holiday visa.

5. Portugal

On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department issued a “Level 1” Travel Advisory for Portugal in response to the threat of terrorist attacks across Europe.

Despite this, the country ranks 33rd on the GHI and only 6 on the GPI, making it an attractive destination for female nomads seeking safety, affordability, culture, and a warm climate.

Portugal is also one of the many countries offering digital nomad visas with some of the easiest requirements at the moment.

6. Iceland 

Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland.
Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland.

Iceland is the safest place in the world for female digital nomads, according to the Global Peace Index 2022 ranking.

Remote employees can obtain a long-term visa in Iceland. It is only good for 6 months, and if you apply for it while traveling within the Schengen area, it is only valid for 90 days.

Female digital nomads can discover everything from volcanoes to geysers, glaciers and natural hot springs, black sand beaches and stunning lava fields, waterfalls and sculptural mountains while in the country.

7. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, which ranks 8th on the GPI, is a must-visit destination with world-famous Prague, amazing castles and chateaus, charming medieval cities, and natural wonders. You can visit this small country in the heart of Europe as a tourist, but working from here is even better!

The Czech Republic is a fairly safe place to visit; crime rates are low, and pickpocketing is uncommon.

Overall, the Czech Republic is a safe destination for female digital nomads traveling solo. Simply use common sense and keep your wits about you. Avoid poorly lighted and desolate locations at night, as well as places crowded with drunken folks.