New Orlando High-Tech Airport Terminal To Enhance Travel Experience To Florida

New Orlando High-Tech Airport Terminal To Enhance Travel Experience To Florida

As tourists continue to flock to Central Florida, the Orlando International Airport is opening a new 300-acre expansion.

The new terminal, which opened on September 25, expects to reduce flight disruptions and accommodate up to 12 million passengers each year.

Terminal C has been in development for 5 years and includes several high-tech upgrades to make travel to the Sunshine State smoother.

In addition to automated TSA screening and over 1,000 flight information screens, the terminal will implement a facial recognition system for a more streamlined arrival and departure.

These high-tech features will become increasingly important as more people begin to travel post-Covid. In 2022, the busy airport welcomed 47 million passengers, which was close to its 2019 figure of 50.6 million. The terminal currently hosts Aer Lingus, Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, and JetBlue airlines.

The large terminal will also create an immersive experience for visitors with a bright, sunny Floridian theme. Large LED screens display the tropical landscapes Florida is known for. Visitors will also be able to explore 33 retail shops and restaurants before their departure.

Security and bag collection are also getting an upgrade with a Bag First Zone for international travelers. This streamlined process allows travelers to collect their bags prior to speaking with a U.S. border agent.

International travelers will save time by not retrieving checked luggage in customs, rechecking them, and then reclaiming them at the main terminal.

Terminal C will continue to make travel smoother by offering better connectivity to popular Central Florida locations. The terminal currently connects to the SunRail and BrightLine, and a third line connecting to International Drive could be added in the future.

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