New York Officials Impose A Cap On Airport Prices After Some Were Charged Up To $28 For A Beer

New York Officials Impose A Cap On Airport Prices After Some Were Charged Up To $28 For A Beer

Authorities launched an investigation after a viral tweet showed that a Sam Adams beer cost $28.75 at a New York airport.

Passengers around the world have resigned themselves to paying high prices for food and beverages at airports as if there were some extremely valid but secret reason we must all obey.

Last July, a tourist shared an “innocent” photo of a menu at New York’s LaGuardia Airport that showed the shocking price of $27.85 for a Sam Adams beer.

The post went viral and sparked an investigation into how businesses at regional airports set their prices.

The City reported at the time that the Port Authority had urged OTG, which owns restaurants in LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airports, to conduct an audit of menu prices, including the $28 for Sam Adams, which the business later claimed was a mistake in a follow-up tweet.

From now on, beer prices in New York airports will be capped at local, off-airport “street prices” plus a 10% concession.

“Nobody should have to fork over such an exorbitant amount for a beer,” Kevin O’Toole, Port Authority board chairman, said in a statement. 

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“The Aviation Department’s new compliance and enforcement measures announced today make it crystal clear that all prices at concessions will be routinely monitored to ensure they are aligned with the regional marketplace,” he added.

In order to give a larger selection of food options for travelers passing through airports, the new policy also requires vendors to offer low-cost food and beverage options.

Since passengers cannot take drinks through security, the cost of drinks and snacks can add up quickly. This measure is sure to be welcomed by travelers, especially as the cost of everything else continues to rise.