Nissan presents a new office van concept for digital nomads

nissan digital nomad car

More than a year has passed since the world first heard about the news that would change the way hundreds of millions of people lived and worked. 

The lucky ones got to make the abrupt shift to working from home while filling up their digital educational gaps. But the digital working freshmen were not the only ones who had to get creative. 

Nissan, the Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, has recently introduced a mobile office pod -still a concept-, inspired by the effects that COVID-19 pandemic is having on the labor market landscape. 

Their new development, the van NV350 looks to provide digital nomads and home office workers with a comfortable, private 9-to-5 space in the city or when on the road.

This mobile office may be a helpful option for those who won’t probably go back to their traditional old brick and mortar offices in the post-pandemic world.

Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, said that COVID-19 has revealed employers and employees the advantages of remote working schemes.

Before 2020, only 7% of American companies would offer employees the possibility to work from home. One year later, data presented by the consultant group Global Workplace Analytics showed that businesses could save up to USD $11,000 per worker year.

The United States has had for a long time a nomadic culture. Their traditional RV caravans run across the country every day.

The new nomads, and the seasoned digital nomads share the same passion for adventure but they require a different level of comfort in order to do their jobs.

Nissan concept of digital nomad car
Digital Nomad Car - Nissan
Digital Nomad Campervan
Nissan Camper Van for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers
Photo credit: @Nissan

The Nissan Office Pod comes in to fill that gap. The back of the car can turn into an office space, desk and chair included. The design is minimalistic and it includes a number of practical applications.

With remote working having passed the test during a very eventful 2020, young families are changing their urban daily commutes for a calmer, more decentralized lifestyle.

Big cities like New York and London are reportedly seeing an unprecedented urban exodus. It is expected people will need to meet a new set of remote working tech demands through the years to come.

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