oman reopening borders to tourists

Oman is open for tourists but imposing new strict travel restrictions

Oman opened its international air and land borders (with restrictions) to some tourists on October 1. All visitors must submit a visitor’s form, and undergo the COVID test.

After the recent January update, all visitors entering Oman will need to undergo 7-days quarantine and testing.

A couple of weeks ago, Health Minister Ahmed Al Saidi said that “borders are open with neighboring countries and travel is allowed for Omanis and residents.”

Additionally, some airlines resumed their international flights. Omani citizens and foreign nationals with valid residence, business “express”, tourist or family visit visas are currently allowed entry. (Source: U.K embassy)

Oman Reopening – Latest Updates

January 2021

All travelers coming to Oman will need to undergo 7-days quarantine and testing.

December 4 – Visas

Oman Government has resumed issuing some types of visas. An interesting fact about entering Oman is that some travelers may seek entry approval via their airline. Find more information about this process at [email protected].

November 20 – New flights

Oman airlines announced new flight connections with Chennai And Hyderabad. There will be 2 flights per week, starting on November 19th. (Source: Oman Air Twitter)

OCT 29 Update

Is UAE and OMAN border open?

Oman reopened its land borders with UAE and travelers from all countries can enter (regular VISA rules apply). (Source:

Who can enter Oman during COVID?

Oman reopened its borders for international flights but tourism is still not allowed. Only these groups can enter the country:

  • Omani citizens
  • GCC nationals
  • Diplomats and foreigners valid residency
  • Omani citizens and foreign nationals with valid residence, business “express”, tourist or family visit visas (new)

What should travelers expect at the point of entry and once in the country?

Oman, whose capital Muscat has been named “The best cultural city to visit in the world” and also “The capital of Arab tourism” is a place you might want to check out in the near future. Nowadays the country is getting ready to reactivate commercial flights on October 1st. Even though it’s only for residents, we hope this is a sign that it will soon allow foreign visitors too.

The Sultanate of Oman has only recently decided to reopen its borders to international flights. Starting on October 1st, commercial aircrafts are allowed to bring in nationals and legal residents to Oman in addition to the chartered flights that have been doing so for the past months. 

Take into account the following restrictions and requirements if you need to travel to Oman.

  • While there isn’t a curfew in place at the moment and intercity traveling is allowed, there may be restrictions to travel to the Governorate of Dhofar. 
  • Masks are mandatory in public and there are fines for those who don’t comply.
  • Every foreigner entering Oman needs to prove they are covered by health insurance.
  • Nationals and foreigners allowed entry must quarantine for 14 days at home or at a hotel at their own cost. You will need to demonstrate your residence/hotel meets the requirements to spend the fortnight.
  • Last July, Oman announced their plans to have testing supplies at airports. So it is possible you may be asked to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival.
  • Be aware that you may be asked by the government to register on the Tarassaud app (IOS/Android) and wear a tracking bracelet for the duration of the quarantine.

When flights to Oman start operating?

Oman Air has officially announced the return of its international operations to and from Oman from October 1st. Now you would only need to book a flight with them through their website instead of waiting for chartered flights. 

Is Oman safe to visit during a pandemic?

As of January 12, Oman has 131K confirmed COVID cases and 1,508 deaths caused by the virus. Daily case rates are quite stable and gradually decreasing. Therefore, Oman is relatively safe to visit during the pandemic.

CDC organization doesn’t recommend traveling to Oman as it is under warning level 4 at the moment. Only essential travel is recommended. (Source:

Is the Omani government taking effective action to slow the pandemic spread?

Oman is one of those countries that work closely with international and national health authorities to implement effective measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

Additionally, the Omani government is committed to providing its citizens and residents with universal health coverage, and offering treatment coverage for COVID-19 infection, for free.

What activities are you allowed to do in Oman during Covid?

Unfortunately for residents and locals, most of the famous destinations and pastimes in the country are banned.

  • Parks, beaches and other public places are closed until further notice.
  • Only a few businesses have been allowed to remain open as long as they have the means to comply with social distancing and health protocols set by the government. To find out which gastronomic or entertainment businesses are open, you should check the local government website.  

Why you should keep Oman on your must-see places list?

  • First and foremost – This country is safe to visit – Regardless of its geographical location, Oman has managed to keep its territory mostly trouble-free.
  • Mosque of Sultan Qaboos it’s a beautiful mosque in Muscat ordered by Sultan Qaboos from Iranian artists from Neyshabur. A place worth visiting.
  • It’s not a desert, the country is full of natural beauty.