oman reopening borders to tourists

Oman Is Open For International Tourism From September 1

Oman is open to vaccinated tourists from all countries from September 1. Unvaccinated can only enter with a residence permit.

Additionally, all visitors must book accommodation in hotels and institutional isolation via the Sahala platform on

Some airlines resumed their international flights. Omani citizens and foreign nationals with valid residence, business “express”, tourist or family visit visas are currently allowed entry. (Source: U.K embassy)

Oman Reopening – Latest Updates


October 10 – Wizz Air Abu Dhabi launches low-cost flights to Oman on Oct. 31

Starting Oct. 31, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will launch three low-cost flights a week to Muscat, Oman. Travelers looking to spend some days in the sultanate now will find airline tickets as cheap as Dh $109 (USD $29.68).

Omani authorities maintain a number of travel restrictions regarding Oman’s entry procedures. All visitors are required to present a certificate with a QR code proving they are fully vaccinated.

Also, for flights shorter than 8 hours (which is the case here), visitors must present a negative PCR test performed no more than 72 hours before arrival.

September 19 – Oman’s tourism gets boosted by UAE’s reopening

Oman reopened its land borders with the Emirates on Sept 1. Since then, the country has benefited from the hundreds of Emiratis coming to visit Oman for a short vacay. 

Local business owners report an important increase in hotel and apartment bookings and restaurant reservations.

Oman currently allows visitors from the UAE who have at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. A couple of weeks ago it also announced unvaccinated resident permit holders are also allowed to come back. 

Source: NGulf

Who can enter Oman during COVID?

Oman reopened its borders for international flights. These groups can enter the country:

  • Omani citizens
  • GCC nationals
  • Diplomats and foreigners valid residency
  • Foreign nationals with valid residence, business “express,” tourist or family visit visas.

Are Americans allowed entry in Oman?

Yes. U.S. citizens and residents can visit Oman. They must abide by the country’s protocols and requirements.

What should travelers expect at the port of entry and once in the country?


Oman, whose capital Muscat has been named “The best cultural city to visit in the world” and also “The capital of Arab tourism” is a place you might want to check out in the near future.

  • There is a national curfew in place at the moment and intercity traveling is restricted.
  • Masks are mandatory in public and there are fines for those who don’t comply.
  • Every foreigner entering Oman needs to prove they are covered by health insurance.
  • Nationals and foreigners allowed entry must quarantine for 14 days at home or at a hotel at their own cost. You will need to demonstrate your residence/hotel meets the requirements to spend the fortnight.
  • Be aware that you may be asked by the government to register on the Tarassaud app (IOS/Android) and wear a tracking bracelet for the duration of the quarantine.

Is Oman safe to visit during a pandemic?

As of October 10, Oman has confirmed 303,915 COVID cases and 4,101 deaths caused by the virus.

CDC organization doesn’t recommend traveling to Oman as it is under warning level 4 at the moment. Only essential travel is recommended. (Source:

Is the Omani government taking effective action to slow the pandemic spread?

Oman is one of those countries that work closely with international and national health authorities to implement effective measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.  

Additionally, the Omani government is committed to providing its citizens and residents with universal health coverage, and offering treatment coverage for COVID-19 infection, for free.

Why should travelers keep Oman on their must-see list?

  • First and foremost – This country is safe to visit – Regardless of its geographical location, Oman has managed to keep its territory mostly trouble-free.
  • Mosque of Sultan Qaboos it’s a beautiful mosque in Muscat ordered by Sultan Qaboos from Iranian artists from Neyshabur. A place worth visiting.
  • It’s not a desert, the country is full of natural beauty. 
Camels in Salalah Oman
Camels in Salalah Oman

Oman Reopening for Tourism: Update Archives

September 4 – Oman is open for all vaccinated travelers and some unvaccinated

On Sept. 1, Oman reopened for vaccinated travelers from all countries.

Unvaccinated residency permit holders are now permitted to enter Oman as well. 

Although this is great news for all stranded Omanis, they will still need to undergo quarantine for 8 days or until their additional Covid-19 test taken on day 7 returns negative.

One unfortunate surprise they will find when in the country is that starting Sept. 2 only vaccinated people can access hypermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops and restaurants. Proof of a negative Covid-19 test is not accepted.

Other restrictions are set to be enforced on Sept. 15.

Source: Gulf News

August 21 – Oman to ease COVID-19 domestic restrictions on August 22

Authorities have announced plans to ease some domestic COVID-19-related restrictions from Aug. 22. On that date shopping malls, restaurants will reopen and public events will resume activities, authorities said on Thursday.

This reopening will “partially” end on September 1 when only fully vaccinated people will be able to access these venues between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am.

As of Aug. 22, travelers from Iran and Iraq are required to quarantine for at least eight days. Entry bans from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and the UK. will also remain in effect. 

Source: Reuters

August 5 – Oman to resume flights with Saudi Arabia in August 11 as COVID restrictions ease

Muscat, Oman, will resume flights with Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 11th.

Oman Air will operate two flights on Wednesday and Saturday as WY 1675 from Muscat (MCT) and WY 1676 from Jeddah (JED).

Wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing while boarding and exiting the aircraft is mandatory.

Also, Muscat reduced its night lockdown hours. As of today, the ban runs from 10 pm to 4 am. 

Source: Breaking Travel News

July 7 – Oman to impose travel ban on 9 more countries from July 9

Effective July 9, arrivals from Singapore, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Libya, Argentina, Colombia, and Brunei will be denied entry as COVID Delta variant spreads like wildfire in said countries. 

This new ban extends to visitors coming from any other country if they have passed through any of these places over the 14 days preceding the request to enter the Sultanate.

“This decision will come into effect from Friday, July 9, and remain in force until further notice. The Supreme Committee calls on citizens to avoid visiting these countries.” Reads a statement issued by the Supreme Committee for Combating Coronavirus.

Source: Times of Oman

June 20 – Oman to ban travelers from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam from June 19

The Omani government has suspended all travel from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam from June 19 until further notice, according to the Supreme Committee for Combating Coronavirus.

Also, the Sultanate extended its travel ban on visitors from Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, and the UK. 

Only diplomats, health workers, Omani citizens, and family members of such persons traveling from these countries will be exempt from the ban.

Authorities have also introduced a daily curfew running from 20:00 to 04:00. Businesses are allowed to reopen at 50% capacity.

(Source: Gulf Insider)

June 4 – Oman reopened borders with Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates from June 2

Although multiple restrictions apply and these foreign citizens still must present proof from their employers at land border check points, Oman continues with their thoughtful but steady reopening.

Effective June 2, citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the political and economic union that consist of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman, will be allowed to visit the country under the conditions mentioned above.

Additionally, the Supreme Committee decided to allow reopening of mosques at 100 worshippers capacity and for the five prayers only according to the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, in coordination with the Ministry of Health.

Also, this Committee announced they may reduce the capacity of shops, restaurants, and coffee places to keep containing the virus.

Source: World Gulf

May 20 – Oman has reopened borders to overland UAE and Yemen visitors

Oman land borders have reopened to overland UAE and Yemen visitors after closing from around March 21.

A Consular spokesman stated borders had never been closed. But, land transport companies and other industries’ representatives have stated their businesses have been greatly affected due to the border closure. Besides, visitors have complained about visas not being issued. 

Effective May 15, Oman’s Supreme Committee lifted movement restrictions, although customers are still barred from entering different shops and venues between 8 p.m. until 4 a.m. 

May 2 – Oman has banned passengers from 14 countries until further notice

Oman has banned flights from 14 countries where cases of COVID-19 have worsened over the last few weeks. 

According to the Supreme Committee, visitors from the below 14 countries, or who have been to these countries in the past 14 days will be denied entry into Oman. 

Sudan, Lebanon, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

“The ban will continue till further notice. This is with the exception of arriving passengers who are Omani citizens, diplomats, health workers and their families. The exempted groups will undergo the prescribed entry procedures when they reach the Sultanate’s land,” read the press release issued by the committee.

July 20 – Oman indefinitely banned flights from 22 countries on July 19

Omani authorities amended the list of countries not allowed to enter the Sultanate. 

Singapore and Brunei are now allowed entry, while other countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia and the UK will be banned “indefinitely.” 

Also, visitors from other countries but who have travel history to the aforementioned will be denied entry. 

These actions have been taken as part of the country’s measures to contain the spread of the new highly contagious variants. 

Source: Oman Official Twitter Account