Panama Removes All Entry Restrictions For International Travelers

Panama Removes All Entry Restrictions For International Travelers

Home to the amazing Panama Canal, Panana has dropped all its entry restrictions for both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors. 

In addition to relaxing most visitor rules, Panama took a small step toward normalcy in July by removing the requirement that visitors wear face masks.

Latin America has begun to gradually relax its regulations. Argentina led the way by becoming the first country in the region to formally eliminate all covid restrictions in favor of freedom of travel.

Brazil, Argentina’s close ally, also lifted a nine-month-old restriction on anyone not wanting to be vaccinated.

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Now it’s Panama’s turn to lower administrative barriers, following in the footsteps of its predecessors. As reported by IATA, the country no longer requires foreign tourists to have a valid covid entry card as of Sept. 15. 

Panama has had stricter controls on the unvaccinated, although it depends mainly on tourism and maritime trade. 

However, we can understand why the Panamanian government is taking a much more liberal stance, considering that Central America, of which the country is a part, is now the most popular tourist destination in the world.

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Panama doesn’t only have a famous canal. When in town, you must visit, at least, some of these beautiful beaches and destinations:

  • Playa Las Lajas, is an eight-mile-long beach that’s perfect for lounging and surfing.
  • Pearl Island rose to fame around the world after appearing on the popular reality series “Survivor.”
  • The Amador Causeway may offer the best vantage point in the nation from which to observe ships transiting the Panama Canal.
  • Santa Catalina, with its stunning beach and jungle surroundings, is a nature lover’s paradise.
  • You can visit Coibalaszlo to get in touch with the ocean and the aquatic life. There are almost 800 different marine species there.

Beginning this fall, travelers are unrestricted in their exploration of Panama, regardless of their Covid status. This means that they don’t need: 

  • To be vaccinated
  • undergo pre-departure testing
  • undergo testing after arrival
  • serve quarantine after entering the country