Paraguay is a pretty much unknown small multicultural country in the heart of South America. Since 1990 the nation has experienced sustained stability due to its transition to democracy.

Over the last years, it has been making its way into the tourist business mainly thanks to their recently discovered potential for outdoor adventure tourism. Just like other countries in South America Paraguay continues fighting the COVID-19 pandemic effects on their health system and their economy. For now, the government has started to slowly reopen borders for some countries. 

You probably want or need to go to Paraguay, so what countries are allowed to visit now? Who can provide you with reliable information about the requirements to be granted access? What restrictions should you expect upon arrival? Is the pandemic under control yet? – Keep reading to learn about all of these matters.

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What is the COVID situation in Paraguay?

Source: Paraguayan The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare

The COVID-19 is not out of control but unfortunately, things are not looking good lately. The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare has informed that the infection and death rate has tripled since June.

As for September 9th, it has confirmed 23.353 positive cases and 449 deaths. Nowadays, the country has 11.380 active cases with 400 people in hospital and 101 in Intensive Care Units. 

Unlike its neighboring countries, Paraguay does not seem to have reached a peak in the pandemic curve.  The Paraguayan Doctors Association (Círculo Paraguayo de Médicos) has recently expressed its concerns about the way the government has managed the pandemic response and also criticized the Paraguayans’ lack of commitment to follow the biosecurity measures. However, data show that the most affected territories are the ones bordering Brazil where the pandemic is still out of control.

Paraguay’s thought out plan to reactivate mobility

From the very beginning, Paraguay decided on a strategy laid out in phases or stages with specific focal points and a clear path to move towards a “new normal” 

After successfully passing through stages 1 and 2 “Contention” and stage 3 “Local reactivation”,  Paraguayans are welcome to stage 4 ”The new normal”. 

Since July most of the country has entered this stage according to the official twitter account of the Minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni. 

In this stage the goal is to open the borders and continue to work on all fronts to reactivate all industries, including international tourism. 

International tourism: as part of stage 4, Paraguay had foreseen the cancellation of their visa requirements for nationals of countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

However, there haven’t been any recent announcements on the topic other that the government has shown great interest in attracting international travelers to Paraguay’s destinations

When can international tourists travel Paraguay? 

Paraguay seems to be thoroughly ready to restart operations, but it still needs to find a way to attract tourists still wary because of the CORONAVIRUS and, most importantly, it needs to reopen airports and negotiate with international airlines to reactivate their flights to and from the country.

Bubble flights, the new Paraguayan strategy to reactivate its international air traffic

In its pursuit to reopen the economy in the near future, the government has developed a strategy called “The bubble Flights” that will allow Paraguay and Uruguay citizens to travel between the two nations. Of course, there are a few restrictions and protocols that will allow you to travel safely. 

As for now, visitors will be required to submit or fill out the following documents,

  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test
  • International health insurance
  • A health statement form and,
  • An affidavit  confirming you will follow the government health restrictions 

I need to go back home, can I travel to Paraguay from Europe?

Due to the extension of the opening stages (see above), European airlines have rescheduled their flights to October.

Air Europe will continue serving a special weekly flight to Asunción (Paraguay) Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Perú), Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia) and a biweekly one to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). Take into account that only passengers authorized by the government will benefit from these flights.

Is the border between Paraguay and Brazil open?

According to local news, the Brazilian borders with Paraguay and other neighboring countries will remain closed until September 28th.  

You are a stranded national or you really need to go to Paraguay now, this is what you have to do 

In order to get eligible to take one of the flights mentioned above, the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering assistance on documentation and protocols on this email and phone numbers.