Peanut Butter Is A Liquid And Can’t Come In A Carry-on, Says TSA

Peanut Butter Is A Liquid And Can’t Come In A Carry-on, Says TSA

People on social media questioned the TSA’s recent announcement that peanut butter must be in a receptacle that is 3.4 oz or less because it is considered to be a liquid.

The tweet sparked a lighthearted conversation among travelers who expressed astonishment that the item would be classified as a liquid.

It was mentioned by several people that they tried to bring a container of peanut butter through the screening checkpoint but had to throw it away. The 3.4 oz maximum for liquids is exceeded by the 15.5 oz standard container of peanut butter. 

In a later tweet, the TSA added that queso cheese dip is also a liquid to further support their position that peanut butter is a liquid.

The official TSA Twitter account responded to a question about whether peanut butter spread on a sandwich would be regarded as a liquid by saying, “Solid foods, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limitations or packing requirements.” 

Other liquid and creamy foods like olive oil and salsa are truly liquids, so if the size is greater than 3.4 oz, they will not be allowed through the TSA screening process when it comes to what passengers can and cannot bring on board. 

The TSA also frequently updates its website with details on what items and foods are acceptable for screening. 

The TSA has previously attracted notice on Twitter for the unusual things that screening agents have found in passengers’ bags. Agents have recently found a cane with a concealed sword, and a live cat was found hiding in a suitcase last year.