Playa Del Carmen Police Increases Patrols To Boost Safety In Tourist Areas

Playa Del Carmen Increases Police Patrols To Boost Safety In Tourist Areas

Local law enforcement agencies are increasing motorcycle patrols in Playa Del Carmen as another major step in improving tourist safety. The number of patrols has increased from 20 per day to over 300.

The great majority of crimes in Playa Del Carmen are minor in nature, and the types of crimes associated with Mexico’s more serious organized criminal activities are generally not directed at vacationers. 

The increased police presence is often seen as an important contribution to giving tourists a sense of security, and it also makes Playa Del Carmen less attractive to criminal elements. 

Petty criminals are opportunistic and avoid places with a high police presence. Unfortunately, petty crime is particularly prevalent in Playa Del Carmen’s vacation areas. 

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This often takes the form of pickpocketing and scamming tourists, both problems that occur in almost every tourist destination in the world. However, with the significant increase in patrols, the likelihood of these crimes will likely decrease.

In addition, organized crime in Mexico has a reputation for avoiding the tourism industry and tourists. For the most part, these components prefer to operate in places where they are not closely monitored by authorities, however exceptions exist. 

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How To Limit Your Exposure To Crime 

When you are on vacation, be sure to follow some basic safety precautions that apply not only to Playa Del Carmen, but to any place in the world:

  • Use recognized transportation companies; in Playa del Carmen, these include reputable cabs, Uber, and Didi. Resort front desk staff are usually happy to help you arrange transportation.
  • Use ATMs inside a bank or resort. Thefts from public ATMs are a known problem throughout Mexico, but can be avoided by following this simple tip.
  • Avoid going off the beaten path at night. Exploring can be fun, but is not recommended at night or when you are not familiar with the area.
  • Avoid recreational drug use. It is important for a variety of reasons that you keep your vacation in Playa Del Carmen as clean as possible. Tourists who engage in this behavior are not tolerated by the authorities, and it is the most common way for tourists to get into risky situations.