Havasu Waterfall In Arizona Set To Reopen After 3-Year Closure

Havasu Waterfall In Arizona Set To Reopen After 3-Year Closure

On February 1st, Havasu Falls in Arizona will reopen to visitors after nearly three full years of closure.

Who is currently permitted to visit these magnificent falls and all the information you need to know are listed below:

Where Is Havasu Falls?

On Havasupai tribal territory in Arizona is a remote waterfall called Havasu Falls. The waterfall is known for its beautiful turquoise waters and step-like pools, making it a favorite destination for tourists traveling to the Grand Canyon.

It takes some effort to reach Havasu Falls in Arizona. The drive to Hualapai Hilltop from Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim takes four hours. Then it’s a 10-mile hike to the waterfall itself.

Before reaching your destination, you’ll pass through a number of additional waterfalls and breathtaking surroundings.

It takes more than a whole day to explore Havasu Falls, and you must make a reservation at either the campground or the Havasupai Lodge.

Why Did Havasu Falls Close?

The Havasupai tribe decided to halt tourism in March 2020 at the start of the Covid pandemic, and they have only recently resumed operations almost 3 years later.

“With limited access to meaningful healthcare, closing the reservation was the best way to keep our community safe and healthy,” the tribal council stated. “We have remained closed to tourists since that time.”

In addition, significant flooding in the reservations in October 2022 destroyed a number of bridges and trails, forcing the waterfalls to close.

Who Can Visit Havasu Falls?

Currently, when Havasu Falls reopens, only permit holders who made reservations in 2022 will be allowed to go there.

Reservations were made with the expectation that the falls would reopen several times during 2022, but the tribe has decided to maintain the suspension of tourism for the entire year.

The option to sell permits to the transfer list will also be available for permit holders who cannot reschedule their trip.

If you do not have a reservation yet, the only chance to see Havasu Falls in 2023 is to check the Havasupai Reservations website at 8 a.m. MST each day when transferable passes will be available for sale.