Princess Cruises Schedules 47 New Trips From U.S. And Canadian Ports

Princess Cruises Schedules 47 New Trips From U.S. And Canadian Ports

Across seven North American homeports, Princess Cruises just announces its most expansive Americas schedule ever. Covering 47 itineraries across 214 departures, some of the highlights of this announcement include trips to the South Pacific and Hawaii

Upcoming for the 2023-24 season, there are two South Pacific Islands & Hawaii cruises roundtrip from Los Angeles on Sapphire Princess. Including are trips to Honolulu and Tahiti, and for the first time ever visiting Fiji.

On Discovery Princess, there will also be a pair of Hawaii cruises with overnight stays in Honolulu. This marks this ship’s first-ever sailings to Hawaii. On Regal Princess, guests will also soon be able to sail from Galveston to the islands of the Western Caribbean.

In addition to these announcements, the program opens the departure ports for roundtrip cruises across North America to: Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and New York. 

Princess Cruises Ship in Caribbean

This announcement will make it easy for vacationers across the continent to create memorable experiences on numerous Princess Cruises’ ships, opening up sought-after destinations with just a short drive or domestic flight. Guests will be anle to choose between two- to 111-day voyages to the California Coast, Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, tropical Caribbean shores the Panama Canal on top of the global cruise destinations already offered. 

“Whether you’re looking for a quick Caribbean getaway or a ‘bucket list’ trip to the South Pacific – or anything in between – Princess has got you covered,” said John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises.

Highlights include: 

Hawaii & Tahiti: 17 destinations, 18 departures on five itineraries ranging in length from 15 to 32 days

The Caribbean: 126 departures on 18 itineraries, ranging in length from five to 21 days

Mexico: 8 destinations with 24 departures on five unique itineraries, from five to 10 days, 

California Coast: 11 destinations with 25 total departures on 13 unique itineraries from three to 11 days.

Panama Canal: 18 destinations with 23 departures on six itineraries, ranging from 10- to 15-days.