Qatar Airways to Resume Flights to Phuket from December 4th

qatar resuming flights to phuket

Even with covid-19 spreading in various areas, some countries are beginning to reopen, and airlines are scheduling more flights.

Qatar Airways recently announced they’d be resuming their bi-weekly flights between Doha and Phuket beginning on December 4.

The airline is currently offering 14 weekly flights between Doha and the Thai capital of Bangkok. They aim to increase the number of Doha-Phuket flights in the following weeks.

Provided the Thai government approves, there should be up to seven weekly flights between the two cities available by December 10.

Passengers will fly on the Boeing 777-300ER, a hefty plane that offers 312 economy seats and 42 flatbed seats in business class.

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A Cautious Approach

When it comes to covid-19, Qatar doesn’t mess around. During the first wave of the virus back in March, the country closed its borders. This created a worrying scenario for anyone who happened to be visiting the country at that time. To address the situation, the country extended visitor visas to ensure that anyone who had no choice but to overstay didn’t get in trouble. Visas for business travelers were also made extendable via the country’s online portal.

Like many countries, Qatar is tackling its reopening using a phased approach. They’re dividing the focus between the domestic reopening and the external reopening. The domestic phase, which began in June, started with the resumption of limited services. Mosques, private clinics, and shopping malls operated at reduced capacity.

In July, restaurants, libraries, markets, museums, and outdoor spaces enjoyed a limited reopening. The government required offices to run at 50 percent capacity.

In August, the third phase of reopening began. This meant the full reopening of shopping centers, and the limited reopening of gyms, health clubs, pools, and beauty salons. It also allowed for incoming flights from low-risk countries. However, only priority travelers and those with residency permits could gain entry.

September marked the beginning of the fourth and final phase. Business expeditions and other large gatherings resumed. Theaters, museums, and libraries fully reopened.

Smart Choices

Qatar seems to have done a good job controlling covid-19 within its borders. So far, the country has yet to see a major second wave of the virus. In the interest of continuing the process while keeping citizens safe, Qatar has reduced the number of countries on its low-risk list. Incoming travelers from the remaining low-risk countries must agree to quarantine upon arrival.