5 Reasons to Buy Extended RV Warranty Coverage

As RV use grows in the US, there are more companies offering extended warranties for these vehicles. With this expansion, there’s considerable debate among RV owners over whether these extended warranties are worth the cost. A new RV owner might be tempted view these warranties as too expensive and too complicated to help them. Despite these arguments, extended warranties can offer protection and coverage vital to successful RV use. Below are the top reasons to buy extended RV warranty coverage.

RV’s Are Complex

An extended coverage can save you money on the high labor rates associated with RVs. Your modern RV is one of the most complex private vehicles on the road. To create a vehicle that offers the best qualities of a car and a home requires many integrated systems. Your RV will require greater expertise than a car to fix. This leads to higher labor rates. Moreover, you’ll need a mechanic to do the sort of maintenance on the RV that you could do yourself on a car. With the number of new RV models coming out, the costs are only expected to go higher. Having a warranty that protects against these higher rates can save you a great deal of money.

Breakdowns Are Frequent

In addition to a high labor rate, a warranty protects against a high breakdown rate. Around 30% of all RV’s suffer a breakdown on the road within their first two years. That percentage goes up to 80% in about five years. Beyond that, you should be ready for a major breakdown within 8 years of buying the RV. Accordingly, warranty costs will increase as your RV ages. Therefore, you can save a great deal of money buying extended coverage early on before your RV encounters breakdowns.

On The Road Protections

Some extended warranty programs offer roadside protection. If your RV breakdowns on a long road trip, it can cause major problems. Even with all of the recommended RV hacks, you may find yourself without either a vehicle or a place to stay. Many extended warranties offer a solution to this in trip interruption coverage. The warranty provides funds for hotel rooms and rental cars until your RV is back in action. The warranty might also provide you 24-hour roadside assistance. Any breakdown can be stressful, and even more so if you are far from home. An extended warranty can reduce this stress by helping you handle immediate expenses in the aftermath of a breakdown.

Repair Experts

An extended warranty can also protect you from being overcharged by unscrupulous mechanics. Since an RV is so complex, it can be hard to determine whether a mechanic did more work then you requested. A warranty company such as https://www.goodsamesp.com/

will review your repairs with an expert and assure that you weren’t taken advantage of. Since part or all of the repair cost will be covered by them, your warranty company is financially incentivized to get you the best price for the best repair. As a result, you’ll save additional money with a warranty.

Resale Value

An extended warranty can improve the resale value of the RV. An extended warranty ensures to buyers that your RV has been well taken care of. On top of this, many extended warranties are transferable. As a result, you can charge the new owner more knowing they’re getting the warranty on top of the RV. This can also help convince a hesitant buyer jump into a sale. It will also give your buyer peace of mind if something goes wrong right after they buy it. A good transferable extended warranty can increase your asking price and attract more potential buyers then your RV will alone.

There are many practical reasons to buy an extended warranty for your RV. With an extended warranty, you can enjoy more of the nation’s best lake RV campgrounds with your family. Moreover, the right package will save you plenty of a headache down the road. It can mitigate the higher labor costs on complicated RV’s. The warranty protects you from inevitable breakdowns. It provides you protections on the road when you are away from home. Additionally, a great RV extended warranty assures you won’t be scammed by repair shops. It increases the resale value of the RV. These reasons make it a smart move to acquire an extended warranty as soon as possible on a purchase of your RV.